Tamil Nadu:Anti-fascism campaign commences in the State

Unity in diversity is the essence of our country. The Sangh Parivar forces in the country pose a grave danger to the democracy, social justice and secular values of the nation. The vested interest groups have created a wedge among the communities by using their communal and divisive plans. The effect of the Sangh propaganda was witnessed recently in Muzaffarnagar riots.
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the political wing of the Sangh, is working hard to win the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. The rule of the BJP in the Centre, as witnessed in its previous regimes, will not take the nation forward. Hence the State committee of Popular Front of India has decided to conduct a three month long campaign highlighting the evils of BJP.
The campaign has been named as ‘Anti-fascism campaign’ and will highlight the scams, communal agenda and the fake patriotic claims of the BJP. The campaign started in the month of January will continue since April 2014. State wide notice and poster campaigns, public meetings, street meetings and campaign in the social media will be conducted as part of the campaign.
Meetings with the leaders of the various movements and political parties will also be arranged and efforts will be taken to bring them together in a common platform against the fascist forces.
The campaign was inaugurated on January 17 and a State wide notice campaign was conducted on that date. The first notice highlighted the double standards of the BJP in the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. The campaign witnessed a warm reception from the different sections of the public.
BJP workers entered into a verbal dual with Popular Front activists in some places. A case was registered against two people for issuing the notice in Coimbatore. Popular Front of India condemned the acts of the BJP and staged a protest demonstration in Coimbatore on January 24. The demonstration was led by Advocate Mohamed Yousuf, National Executive Council member of Popular Front of India. The demonstrators were arrested and released later.

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