Secular forces should join hands against the communal BJP

The State General Assembly of Popular Front of India held at Theni between January 9 – 11 adopted the following resolutions.

1. The secular forces should join hands against the communal BJP
The BJP Government at the Centre is not interested in the welfare of the nation and is much concerned in implementing the policies of the communal RSS. The hidden agenda of the RSS and the anti-people policies are being implemented at present. This will greatly affect the pluralistic nature of our society.
Moreover, the BJP parliament members and its leaders give communal statements regularly that create a wedge among the people. Its highly condemnable that the Prime Minister Modi does not condemn such statements. This State General Assembly vehemently condemns the various fascist Hindutuva policies that are being implemented. The fascist forces are also much eager to have statue for Godse, who killed Mahatma Gandhi. This Assembly call the secular forces to come together against such policy that question the welfare of the nation.

2. Communal BJP will not be allowed to set foot in Tamil Nadu
The communal clashes in the State have increased following the BJP led NDA Government at the Centre. A number of Government buses have been damaged in the bandh called by them. The attacks on minorities have also increased and their right to worship is also curtailed. Abusive comments against women are spread in the social websites.
The Sangh Parivar forces are following the same methodology followed by them in the North. The State General Assembly condemns such methods that are aimed at creating religious clashes in the State. The Assembly also request the State Government to take action against such divisive forces.

3. Wakf properties should be restored
The Wakf properties that were given for the welfare and development of the Muslim community are encroached by individuals, anti-social elements, educational institutions and Government agencies. It’s the duty of the Governments to restore the Wakf properties and give them to the Muslim community. The District Collectors should submit the monthly report of restored Wakf properties to the State Government and State Wakf Board. The State Government should take steps to appoint officers and employees for the Wakf Board. At the same time, the Assembly also call upon the Muslim community to come forward and safeguard the Wakf properties.

4. Sexual assault free Tamil nadu
The sexual assault against women are on the rise in the State and it is heartbreaking to see that even children are also not spared. It’s a known fact that alcohol is the main reason for such crimes. Cultural deviation and porn websites also play an equal role. The Government should take steps to ban alcohol and such websites to safeguard the women. The parents should also play a role to stop such crimes and moral classes should be given to the students.

5. Tippu Sulthan memorial works should be commenced immediately
The State Government announced in the Budget that the memorial for freedom fighters Haider Ali and Tippu Sulthan will be constructed and the amount was also allocated. But still the stone laying ceremony is not held. The State Government should overcome the hurdles and should fulfill the assurance given in the Budget session.

6. Anti-people projects should be scrapped
Its highly condemnable that the Central Government has approved the Neutrino project at Theni that will highly affect the environment. The Government has approved this project at Tamil nadu, that was earlier scrapped in Assam and Kerala. Earthquake similar scene will be experienced and the agricultural lands will be affected if this project is implemented. This Assembly demands the scrapping of Neutrino project.
The methane project also poses several dangers. The Cauvery delta will become a desert if the land is rigged for 1500 feet and the ground water is evacuated. Moreover 70 percent of the chemicals that are used to blast the rocks will remain in the ground. Cancer, thyroid and other diseases will affect the people if these chemicals mix with the drinking water.
Hence the Governments should scrap this project and the State Government should not renew the expired agreements.

7. Area Conferences
Popular Front of India strives for the welfare of the downtrodden and oppressed communities in the nation. It has been decided to conduct Area conferences to strengthen the activities. Conferences will be held at Area level in the State. The State General Assembly welcomes the people to attend the conference along with their families.

8. Liquor to be banned
The consumption of alcohol has increased and the habit is now common among children and women. Alcohol is the main reason for a number of crimes in the nation and many families have been affected. This Assembly condemns the Government for running alcohol shops just to give freebies to the people. Hence the Government should take gradual steps to ban the liquor in the State.

9. Rights and justice to prevail in Sri Lanka
Maithripala Sreesena has been elected the President in the recent elections in Sri Lanka. The president should take lessons from the mistakes of the previous regime. The Tamils who were made refugees because of the 2009 war should be allowed to return back to their land. This Assembly also ask the Government to restore the rights of the minorities and Tamils.

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