Resolutions passed by the meeting of National General Assembly of Popular Front of India held at Puthanathani, Malappuram, Kerala on 7,8,9 of January, 2017

1.Demonetization is anti-people

The decision of demonetization was one of the most anti-people decision in the history of independent India. Demonetization is a massive loot of money from the pockets of poor to fund the adventures of the corporates. All the objectives of demonetization as stated by the government has turned out to be false. As per the new reports and statistics it is evident that the black money holders were the least affected as they could find out easy routes to turn their black money to white. On the contrary it has very serious impact on the common people which is evident in the long lines in front of banks and ATMs. The government has tried to justify demonetization but failed to fool the people of the country who could understand the real intention behind this decision. The NGA of Popular Front urges the people of the country to vehemently express their opposition to this anti-people decision. We also urge the opposition parties to put a united stand to stop the government from implementing any such decision in future.
2. Repeal Repressive Laws
The Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), Armed Force Special Powers Act (AFSPA), GUJCOCA, MCOCA, KCOCA and so on are time and again used as an oppressive tool against Dalits, Muslim and marginalised sections of the people. The misuse of UAPA is rampant in many states including Kerala and it is used now to harass even religious scholars. The amendments in 2008, 2011 and 2013 are made UAPA a permanent feature in Indian legal system, The new provisions have been used to suppress to legitimate political dissent.

The National General Assembly urges political parties and the civil society to come forward for concerted efforts to repeal all the draconian laws including UAPA.
3. Rebuild the Babri Masjid on the original Wakaf Land
This meeting of the Annual General Assembly resolves that only the reconstruction of the Babri Masjid will restore constitutional values of democracy, secularism and rule of law in the country. it is 24 years now since the dastardly act of demolition of historic masjid by hooligans led by sort of the beg guns the Hindutwa political right in the country and since then Muslims have been running from pillar to post for justice. No body involved in the criminal act was put on trial and given exemplary punishment for this act of Stone Age vandalism. The Lucknow bench of Alahabad High Court passed a judgment which unceremoniously took up the case on a property dispute. The case is in Supreme Court now.
Given the snail’s pace of the proceeding of the land’s highest court, a final judgment will take years if not decades. This house asserts that come what may the masjid is to be rebuilt on the original wakf land and such an act of expiation will undo the great damage done to India’s polity

4. Instability and in-fighting of secular parties
will strengthen BJP
The NGA of Popular Front of India calls upon all secular political parties to stop infighting and come together to fight the menace of Hindutva politics. The recent developments in Arunachal Pradesh have once again proved that BJP can come to power without winning elections. The Congress chief minister Pema Khandu switched loyalties twice in three months to give saffron party its second government in the Northeast, after Assam. The uncertainty and infighting of Congress paved way to BJP get its 10th state government in the country. Like-wise Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party in U.P is engaged in the shameful and childish infighting, while the BJP under the leadership of Modi is all set to capture power in the state in the upcoming assembly election. The NGA is saddened that the uncertainty, instability and infighting of the secular parties is helping BJP tp capture power by default.The NGA reminds the leaders of the secular political parties that it is their responsibility to stop the BJP on its tracks.
5.The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 violates constitutional mandate
The national general council of popular front of India held on 7,8,9 of January 2017 resolves that the citizenship (amendment) bill 2016 passed by union of India is flagrant violation of constitutional safe guard and threat to secular fabric of the nation.
The bill amends the citizenship Act 1955 to make the illegal migrants who are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians from Afganistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, eligible for citizenship, if they resided in India during the last 12 months and far six years of the previous 14 years.
The exclusion of the Muslim community alone from the domain of the citizenship (amendment) bill 2016 is against constitutional provisions preventing discriminations on the basis of caste, creed and language. It also goes against UDHR and international covenants.
This house appeals to various political parties, human rights organizations and civil society groups to raise voice against this amendment and for restoration of the constitutional rights of the people.
6. Simultaneous elections for Loksabha and State Assemblies will bring dictatorship and political fascism
After the BJP came in to power at the Centre, the debate of conducting elections for Loksabha and State Assemblies concurrently was started, citing the 170th Law Commissions report of 1999 and the last year’s Parliament Standing Committee report. The Election Commission of India also supports this move on the ground that it will reduce the election expenditure. The NGA condemns this move of the BJP govt, as it is a sugar-coated attempt to undermine federalism and parliamentary democracy in the country in a slow process.It is a clover ploy to introduce executive presidency projecting one man or party as saviours of the people. It willmesme open doors to fascist outfits by mesmerizing the general public into the fold of illusion, with the help of electronic media and compliant manipulators of public opinion as we saw 2014 General Elections. The NGA calls for the people of nation and all parties to oppose the move.
7.Denounces atrocities on Syrian people
The NGA of Popular Front of India strongly condemns the atrocities against the people of Syria by the dictatorial regime of Bashar Assad. Along with the Assad regime Russia, Iran and Shia militias are equally responsible for the massacre of innocent civilians. The United Nations has once again proved itself to be an impotent agency when it comes to stop the crimes committed by the member nation of the Security Council. The hypocrisy of the western countries especially the US is exposed by their criminal silence. Equally deplorable is the heinous sectarian game played by Iran and Saudi Arabia in region to maintain their regional dominance. The NGA of Popular Front expresses solidarity with the liberation struggle of the people of Syria and urges the Indian government to put diplomatic pressure for the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.
8.Demands justice for Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar
The NGA of Popular Front of India expresses concern over the racial attacks on Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. The Rohingya Muslims are the most oppressed minority in the world and denied the basic right of citizenship. Even after the formation of a new democratic government has not brought any change to the condition of the Rohingya community. The Rohingyas who are being persecuted by the terrorist Buddhist groups now also face brutal atrocities by the armed forces. Unfortunately, the international organizations are silent and no major steps have been taken for their protection. The silence of the Indian government on the plight of the Rohingya is also very disappointing. The NGA appeals to the United Nations to take immediate steps for the protection of Rohingyas. We also urge the Indian government to put diplomatic pressure on the Myanmar government to take urgent steps to stop the terrorist groups and armed forces from persecuting the Rohingyas and bring the culprits to trial for war crimes.
9.Stand up against acts of intolerance
This meeting of the National General Assembly expresses its strong anguish and concern about the growing intolerance and fear in the country since BJP government came to power in 2014. Stray attacks on Muslims and Dalits in the name of Gauraksha, vigilante surveillance of minority institutions, well managed but short lived communal riots in select cities, continuous persecution of minorities and tribals, return of state sponsored killing gangs in mineral rich states all fall into a pattern designed to keep the poor and the under privileged at toes. The cold blooded murders at Malkangiri, Bhopal and Kerala are well executed fake encounter killings used to send fear filled message to common people. The pall of silence and fear is enveloping the country and the noise created by the national media is used to create a sense of vibrancy and dynamism in the country.
The passive multitudes lining up before banks and ATMs reflect the fear created by the acts of commission and omission by state parties. This meeting is of the opinion that a passive people will only strengthen the fascist and dictatorial tendencies which are gaining momentum in the country. It is time for them to wake up and say no to the acts of intolerance.
10. Assam’s Foreigners’ issue should be solved on the basis of Assam Accord
The Muslim community of Assam has been unnecessarily and illegally harassed over the years in the name of D-Voters (Doubtful Voters). After the advent of BJP government more and more genuine citizens from Muslim community in Assam have been labelled as ‘D’ Voters and denied rights. The NGA is of the view that the IM(D) Act, struck down by the Supreme Court, should be restored, as it will make it difficult for the authorities to prosecute people on false charges. The NGA calls upon the state govt to solve the alleged problem of foreigners on the basis of Assam Accord. The present BJP govt. has been evicting people illegally and communally without providing them any compensation which is obviously violation of human rights.
11.Fake encounters are a travesty of Justice and a blot on the country’s democracy
The Malkangiri, Bhopal and Nilambur killings are highly deplorable instances of the state parties resorting to extra judicial methods to suppress legitimate struggles of the people and create fear among the poor, the marginalized and deprived sections of the people like Dalits, Muslims and the tribals. Extra judicial killings are blatant violations of specific directions given by the Supreme Court of India. The National General Assembly calls for the enactment of a special law for immediate prosecution and disciplinary action on the erring officers in encounter cases.
12. Proportionate representation in judiciary
The National General Assembly of Popular Front of India is of the opinion that the defects in the justice delivery system are mainly due to inadequate representation in the judiciary especially in the higher courts. The apex court of India is currently bereft of any representation from Muslim community. The Dalits, the tribals and other minorities are also heavily underrepresented.
The notional general assembly of popular front of India calls upon the concerned authorities to make rules and regulations for the appointment of judicial officers from the Muslim community on the basis of proportionate representation.

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