Popular Front warns against attempts to suppress Dalits

Popular Front of India Chairman, E Abubacker in his statement has condemned the attack on Dalits who were celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Bhima Koregaon battle. The situation shows that the attacks were preplanned. This is part of the attempt being made by Hidutwa forces in the state to suppress Dalits by turning the Marathas against them. The State governments and the police failure in stopping the hooligans who were preparing to attack the people who gathered for the anniversary celebration has resulted in the death of an innocent and caused the violence to spread. Now the police, instead of going after the criminals who attacked unarmed people, are falsely implicating innocents who attended the programme including leaders like Jignesh Mewani MLA and Omar Khalid.
This is yet another instance of the casteist violence on Dalits who are struggling to assert their rights and dignity against the Brahminist oppression that has continued for thousands of years. Such violence has intensified ever since Hindutwa came to power in 2014. Dalits laborers were brutally beaten for skinning dead cows in Gujarath; Dalit children were burned alive in Haryana by Upper castes; a Dalit elderly man was burned to death in UP for entering the temple, and the list continues. People who protest against this are charged with draconian laws and locked up. Bhim Army Leader Chandra Shekhar Azad is still in prison charged with draconian sections of the NSA.
We demand that the state government should identify and book culprits responsible for this heinous act and to adequately compensate the family of the deceased and all victims who were injured in this atrocity. We urge fellow citizens of this country to stand with the struggles of the Dalit community for their dignity and human rights.

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