Popular Front rubbishes UP police accusations, condemns warning of repressive moves

Popular Front of India National General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinnah has, in his latest statement, called UP Police accusations about the organization absurd and a face saving act.

The country witnessed one of the largest popular agitations since independence against the discriminatory and anti-constitutional Citizenship Amendment Act. People joined hands, regardless of all their differences, and marched against the legislation in cities and villages across the country. It was only the BJP ruled states that tried to suppress the protests by calling it violent. In most of the states the police were respectful of people’s democratic rights to dissent. Only in Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh, police brazenly turned protests into bloodbath and destruction. As per the latest report, UP Police chief has revealed that the UP state has sought ban on Popular Front of India from the centre. We condemn this move, which is nothing but a ‘face saving act’. We would like to tell them that their cold blooded killings and maiming of innocents and the destruction of properties lay bare to the entire world. Every child in the country knows what happened. The democratic consciousness of the country will make them pay for their crimes.

The move against Popular Front is yet another authoritarian step by Yogi Police against democratic activism in the state. All the democratic forces in the country should come forward and voice against it. We will fight this political vendetta through legal and democratic means.