Popular Front of India National General Assembly concludes

Press Release

The National General Assembly of Popular Front of India was held at Malabar House, Puthanathani in Malappuram district on 27, 28, 29 December 2014.

The Assembly concluded with the election of National Executive Council members and National Functionaries for the next two year term. 


The National Functionaries are as follows:

  1. K M Shareef (Karnataka) Chairman
  2. E M Abdul Rahiman (Kerala) Vice Chairman
  3. M. Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Tamil Nadu) General Secretary
  4. Muhammad Khalid (Manipur) Treasurer

In addition to the above, the members who constitute the new National Executive Council are as follows:

  • O M Abdul Salam
  • C Abdul Samad
  • M Abdul Samad
  • Abdul Vahid Sait
  • C K Afsal
  • Anis Ahmed
  • Ashraf Moulavi Karamana
  • Hamid Muhammad
  • Prof P Koya
  • Muhammad Roshan
  • Adv Muhammad Yusuf


The Assembly started with the introductory speech by the chairman K M Shareef. The annual report was presented by the General Secretary O M A Salam. The members reviewed the report and submitted suggestions for next term. 


Report summary

During past one year the organisation has shown considerable increase in number of members and units across the country. At present the organisation has around 80,000 cadres along with more than 3 lakh associates. In addition to 11 states where the organisation has full-fledged network, it has registered expansion and growth in another 7 states. During the current one year, Popular Front has intervened in different social, political and international issues.

A nationwide campaign was held demanding the repeal of the draconian law UAPA. The organisation has taken steps to build a broad based alliance of different minority and civil rights leaders and groups against growing authoritarian and communal tendencies.

The national movement against UAPA, the Sikh-Muslim mission for communal harmony, the joint platform that has commemorated anti-Sikh riot of 1984 and Babri Masjid demolition of 1992 are a few among such steps.

In the context of Israel’s attack on people of Gaza, Popular Front held nation-wide solidarity campaign captioned ‘I am Gaza’.

In the community development and social welfare areas, the organisation has undertaken the School Chalo campaign cum service programmes during the current year also. 78,889 school kits were distributed in 16 states at a cost of Rs. 2,54,59,116. An amount of 94,17,802 were spent for scholarships. 2047 students got the benefit of this scheme.

In addition it was reported that around Rupees 8 crore were locally mobilized and utilized in different activities such calamity relief, medical support, home to homeless, drinking water and self employment.

Immediately after the flood in Kashmir, the organisation has launched a relief and rehabilitation project. Along with the distribution of food and clothing, 347 winter homes were constructed and handed over to stranded families in 35 villages. This task was completed within 3 months by spending around Rs 2 crores collected from public.

A set of resolutions pertaining to various social and political issues were adopted after discussions. The Assembly renewed their pledge to stand in the forefront to empower Muslims and all other deprived and targeted classes and take them to a bright future in spite of all adversaries.

The NGA has also resolved to strengthen the struggles against the communal, fascist, anti-people, anti-democratic and anti-national challenges increasingly engulfing the nation. Moulana Usman Baig, Prof P Koya and Anis Ahmed addressed different sessions. Around 200 delegates from 11 states participated in the NGA. The programme was concluded with address by relieving general secretary O M A Salam and re-elected chairman K M Shareef. The programme director Adv Muhammad Yusuf proposed vote of thanks.


Resolution 1:

Defeat the forces that attack the constitutional values

Since the ascension of the BJP to power the Sangh affiliated outfits and individuals have started rolling out its expertise of spewing communal venom. The prime targets of the Hindutva groups are the Muslims, Tribals, Dalits, backward sections and progressive movements. The country has witnessed a steep rise in localized communal riots especially in states ruled by non-BJP parties. The Hindutva groups obsessed with political power and the communal wave are using the administration, muscle power and propaganda machinery to force the Muslims and backward sections into submission. The allegations of Love Jihad, Ghar Wapasi and promotion of a fake saffron history are part of this nefarious plan to permanently polarize the country on communal lines for political benefits. Such a situation demands swift activism by the Muslims, Dalits, Backward classes and progressive movements. A united stand to fight the onslaught of fascism is the need of the hour. The NGA of Popular Front reiterates the commitment and determination of Popular Front to be in the forefront of the struggle against the fascist plans. The NGA also calls upon all the anti-fascist movements to join hands to defend the secular and pluralistic culture of the country.

Resolution 2:

Expresses discontent about the functioning of NDA government

The national General Assembly of the Popular Front of India expresses its discontent at the economic and social policies of the NDA government headed by Narendra Modi. Much of the economic decisions take by Modi government are for the benefit of big business houses which have given huge amounts to the election fund of BJP. They are asking for their pound of flesh. Narendra Modi on the eve of his visit to the US took away the price controls of essential drugs mainly to fill up the coffers of Indian drug companies like Sun Pharma and their global counter parts. Sun Pharma it is to be noted hosted the much publicized Maddison Garden programme of Modi in New York. He continued his pamper-the-rich policies during his visit to Australia. He helped his close friend Gautam Adani to sign up a collaboration agreement with an Australian company to start a huge iron ore project. He lost no time to put pressure on SBI to give Adani a loan of 6000 crores. Only a couple of days ago the central government issued an ordinance helping private companies invest in all sectors of insurance business in violation of democratic principles. Modi did not pressure for an enactment on insurance because he was afraid that it would create a great commotion in the house. Instead he went for an ordinance against the constitutional powers of the legislature. These clearly reflect the pro-rich policies of the Hindu Right and they want to dismantle the remnants of the welfare state which was itself on deathbed during UPA regime. As a corollary to these developments the Modi regime is implementing on the sly the secret agenda of RSS. Narendra Modi during his visit to Japan and Nepal tried to present himself as a Hindu leader and not as the prime minister of a secular democratic republic. Moreover, the prime minister is seen to be trying to behave like a CEO of a corporation rather than as the head of a government. The influence RSS Pracharaks and people seconded by Vivekananda Foundation is palpable on the function of the Modi cabinet which is, in fact, nonfunctional. His self-promotion and one way communication with people is against basic democratic decency. The government media are used widely to promote his views with the help of professional pubic relation firms. Though it may be too early to pass a judgment about the performance of the government the NGA feels that the signals people get from New Delhi are extremely bad and disappointing.

Resolution 3

Welcomes Unification of Secular Parties

Even without going in deep, one can read the highly debatable position of Indian democracy. A party which managed to bag mere 31 percent of the votes polled, has won more than absolute majority and they are now running the government. On the other side, there is not even an official opposition leader in the Lok Sabha. Result of the May 2014 parliament election was more an outcome of the poor performance of Congress and the opposition parties than the efforts made by the BJP. Now, it is welcome development that old socialist forces spread over separate fractions of Janata family are coming together to make a common political platform. Rather than going on a single agenda, the time calls for a concerted effort with clear political vision and comprehensive plan to alleviate the sufferings of the down-trodden, Dalits and minorities in India and to restore the weakened secular system to its formal health. In addition to electoral politics, it is expected that front will come forward to check the rise of fascism in the country under the shadow of political power, to free the nation from the stranglehold of the corporate houses, to stop victimization of Muslims and to set right the tainted foreign policy of the country. A deep rooted political move, rather than an exchange house of seats, is required from the opposition. They have to take in to confidence Muslims and other religious minorities, Adivasis, Dalits and other deprived communities. The NGA calls upon the new front to keep their doors open to other like-minded political formations which represent different deprived communities.

Resolution 4

Muslim politics should change for better

The rise if Hindutva politics has further complicated the problems of Muslims. Adding to the politics of terrorism played by the former UPA government the NDA government is implementing a highly divisive agenda imperiling the belief, customs and cultural existence of religious minorities of the country. Instead of focusing on vote bank politics, the Muslim political parties are now bound to come forward to address Muslim issues at large. Their party culture and attitude towards other political parties have to undergo greater change. Most of the parties are family based without internal democracy or criticism. Under these circumstances they are localized or in the control of a small coterie. Such political formations will not be able to confront the new challenges as seen in the current political s1cenario. It is high time that these parties gave up their narrow agenda and work for a viable political platform for the Muslims. The NGA calls upon all Muslim political formation to work unitedly for the empowerment leading to adequate representation and equal justice

Resolution 5

Politics of Black Money

The politics surrounding the black money is an obvious example of the corporate-politician nexus prevalent in our country. The BJP and its saffron allies were seen campaigning to get back the black money from Swiss and German banks when the list of 782 accounts was submitted to the then UPA government. The black money issue was also part of the gimmicks used by Modi during the election campaign. The real face of BJP was exposed when it used the same argument that the UPA government’s used – of Double Taxation agreement to protect the back money account holders. Whether it was the UPA or the NDA both are have a priority to protect the interests of their corporate masters. After witnessing the game of the past and current government the Supreme Court had to intervene in this issue. The NDA government has again ducked the issue by only providing 627 name from the list of 782 accounts. The people are smart enough to understand this ridiculous attempt of the government to protect the big corporate sharks. The NGA of Popular Front condemns betraying the people by BJP government. The house also demands the government to submit the entire list of account holders and then take sincere and time bound steps to bring the black money back to the country.

Resolution 6

Stop the atrocities on women

National Assembly of Popular Front of India expresses deep concern and anguish at the increase in atrocities against women all over the country. The capital city witnesses gang rapes almost every day. All our cities have become unsafe for women to travel or to socialize especially at night. In Mumbai a woman was gang-raped in broad day light. In villages it is seen that mostly Dalit women are the victims of upper caste atrocities.

The NGA is of the view that the atrocities on women are on the increase for the following reasons:

1. Along with the neo-liberal economic policies, evils of consumerism, loose family life, race for material comforts, licentiousness has also arrived and taken over the lives of people of all sections.

2. The availability of pornographic sites and social networks has broken all the barriers needed for peaceful family and social life. The recent jump in child rapes and incestuous relationships forced by blood relatives are signs of moral depravity promoted by social networks and media. It is to be noted that a lot of money is spent on this. The beneficiaries are mostly western companies. The central government last year told before the Supreme Court that they could not block the pornographic sites but the same government was prompt in taking action political against political comments spreading in the cyber world.

3. Another reason is the influence by anarchist intellectuals, thinkers, and opinion makers. They in the name of gender justice, freedom of thought and expression, and gay lesbian rights have been trying to undermine the concept of family. The sanctity of husband and wife relationships and the legitimacy of off-springs are questioned. The new lifestyle has created a number of social problems in the western countries as well as in India. The NGA believes that this is the time for scholars, thinkers, and leaders of the communities to come together and evolve plans to stop the moral depravity, anarchism and rejection of universal social values.

Resolution 7


A major threat to global stability and peace The United States of America and her allies continues to lead the so called “New World Order” which claims to establish stability and peace around the globe. But in real terms, they aims to impose imperialist hegemony over the developing countries to safe guard own economic and military interests. In this process countries which try to defy neo-colonial domination are destroyed one by one by various means. The U S government has in different sovereign nations experimented regime changes in their favour by creating political instability and economic dependency or by sending troops in the name of fighting terrorism. Israel continues to be a terrorist bully in connivance with domestic intelligence agencies the Middle East and has become the only apartheid state in the world. That racist nation dares to continue the illegal occupation and drives away Palestinians from their homes only due to the support rendered by US and impotence shown by U N. In recent years the Arab and Muslim countries are their prime targets. They have occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, run countries like Yemen and Somalia through proxies; support dictators throughout. Democratically elected nations are defamed and labelled “extremist”, while brutal religious or secular regimes are welcomed with open arms and labelled “moderate”. There are evidences that establish the hands of US and Israel in connivance with domestic intelligence agencies in the fast emergence of new and new extremist groups in the Muslim world. It is an unfortunate betrayal of our tradition that the present Indian government is gradually converting our nation into a U S satellite. The shift in our foreign policies in favour Israel and against Palestine speaks of the influence of India’s purported involvement in the US led dubious agenda of “war on terror”. And also the emerging economic, foreign and security policies of India are framed to protect the interests of neo-colonial powers. The NGA of Popular Front of India calls upon the patriotic people in the country to be vigilant about the growing influence of neo-colonial agenda in our state policies and join hands for political fight to protect the sovereignty of our nation.

Resolution 8

Oppose the ambivalent policies of NDA government towards divisive forces

The national general assembly of Popular Front of India urges the government of India to refrain from taking ambivalent attitude on targeted communal violence, hate speeches, forceful conversion, saffronisation of education, and attempt of introduce Hindu scriptures in School syllabus. The six-month rule of Narendra Modi has witnessed a plethora of unilateral riots spearheaded by sangh parivar where Muslims were killed and injured, looted, and displaced. The fascist forces have realized that whenever riots flare up, it increases their vote bank. Besides, row of ministers and MPs in NDA are making relentless efforts to ignite communal passion and divide the people of nation. The frivolous campaigns of Love-Jihad and Gar Vapasi have added fuel to the communal polarization. Central minister Swati Niranjan Jyoti publicly asked if it is the reign of sons of Sree Ram or the reign of bastards that the nation needs. External Affairs minister Sushma Swraj stoutly and arrogantly called upon the government to introduce Bhagvat Gita as the National Text. Parliamentary Affairs minister Sri Venkiah Naidu has given clean chit and good service entry to Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh. Mr Adityanath MP declared that Christians and Muslims are basically and originally Hindus and therefore his party would make endeavor to bring them back to Hindu religion. 

The NGA further calls upon the public at large to unite to curb and control the anti-people and divisive communal politics and policies of the NDA government.

P P Riyas PRO,

Popular Front of India Headquarters, New Delhi