K.M. Shareef re-elected as Chairman of Popular Front

The National General Assembly (NGA) of Popular Front of India held at Malabar House, Puthathani, Kerala has re-elected K.M. Shareef as the chairman of the organization for the term 2015-16. The NGA also elected E.M. Abdul Rahiman as Vice- Chairman, Mohammed Ali Jinnah as General Secretary and Khalid Rashadi Manipuri as the Treasurer. A new 15 member National Executive Council( NEC) was also elected. The new NEC members are Moulvi Ashraf Karamana, Hameed Mohammed, Mohammed Roshan, O.M.Abdul Salam, Prof. P. Koya, Abdul Samad M, C.K Afsel, Abdul Samad C, Anis Ahmed, Abdul Wahid and Mohammed Yusuff. The newly elected leaders were announced in a press conference held at Calicut on 30th December. The Kerala State Unit of Popular Front has organized a reception programme for the newly elected national leaders.

The National General Assembly was convened on 27th to 29th of December to review the development and growth of the organization. The NGA was inaugurated by the Chairman K.M. Shareef who appreciated the efforts of the cadres and leaders of the organization in taking the message of the movement to new states. The chairman also presented the present situation of the country and advised the organization leaders to play a more prominent role in defending our country from the internal threats of fascism and also to be sentinel of people’s rights and freedom.

The NGA reviewed the activities of the organization for the last term and discussed the growth and areas of improvement. The NGA observed that the socio-political situation of the country has drastically changed after the rise of saffron parties to power. The country today is facing a great threat by the hindutva groups which openly violate the values of our constitution. The minorities and progressive movements are being targeted by the Sangh affiliated bodies to strengthen their grip on power and permanently polarize the Indian society. The NGA urged the new leadership to come up with strong programmes at national level to protect the diversity and secular values.

A set of resolutions pertaining to various social and political issues were adopted after discussions. The Assembly renewed their pledge to stand in the forefront to empower Muslims and all other deprived and targeted classes and take them to a bright future in spite of all adversaries. The NGA has also resolved to strengthen the struggles against the communal, fascist, anti-people, anti-democratic and anti-national challenges increasingly engulfing the nation. Moulana Usman Baig, Prof P Koya and Anis Ahmed addressed different sessions. Around 200 delegates from 11 states participated in the NGA. The programme was concluded with address by relieving general secretary O M A Salam and re-elected chairman K M Shareef. The programme director Adv Muhammad Yusuf proposed vote of thanks.

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