Provide free electricity and Gas until normalcy restored in flood hit areas : Popular Front

Chennai: Tamilnadu Government should supply domestic cooking gas and Electricity at free of cost until normacly restored in flood affected areas specifically Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Cuddalore districts said Mohamed Ali Jinna, National General Secretary, Popular Front of India, in a press release issued today.

Popular Front’s 4500 cadres were involved in rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts since November 14. They were deployed in batches each team consists of 500 rescue workers. So far, our rescue team had rescued 5000 lives. Relief materials worth 1,72,94,155 distributed promptly to 2,16,157 victims of floods. Relief works are still continues.

Jinna observed that, Popular Front cadres having good track record and prior experience in rescue, relief and rehabilitation works during Assam, Utharkand, Kashmir at National level and particularly during Tsunami disaster and Tirupur floods at Tamilnadu. It is worth mentioning here to appreciate the Cadres raising funds throughout Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka and those who swiftly swung into action from day one on hearing the news about the calamity.

Right now Medical Camps and damage assessment survey is going on. More than 8000 people were benefited out of 70 medical camps conducted at different places.

Jinnah said, Rs 1940 crores allocated by the Centre is not sufficient the damage caused by this calamity is much more. Considering the intensity of the damage caused, He urged the centre to allocate atleast 10000 crores and LPG domestic cooking gas should be provided at free of cost until normalcy is restored or atleast for three months.

He urged the Government of Tamilnadu to provide free electricity, extend free bus fare further for another week. He urged TN Govt to Constitute a high level committee of delegates from various Political Parties, Social organizations, and NGO’s involved in relief works to coordinate and efficiently utilize their efforts.

General Secretary whole heartedly welcomes and appreciates Tamil Nadu Government’s sincere efforts on handling the situation and declared that Popular Front will always cooperate, join hands with humanitarian efforts of the Government.

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