Help Desk formed to avail Govt Schemes at Sarva Sikhsha Gram, Bihar.

Bihar: Help Desks constituted at Sarva Sikhsha Gram(SSG) helped many poor students in TutiBagh and Choti Didadmari villages of Katihar District to obtain Government’s Minority Scholarships . Volunteer of the help desk created awareness about the government schemes and facilitated them to apply for minority scholarship schemes.

Sarva Shiksha Gram is among one of Educational Project of Popular Front of India, To ensure 100% primary education in educationally backward villages where literacy rate is very low, school enrollment is low and dropout rate is very high.

Objective of Sarva Shiksha Gram is bringing awareness among the Parents and Students, Ensuring every Children to get primary Education, Prevention of Dropout and conducting moral education classes in all SSG villages.

Help-Desks is formed in these villages, in order to apply for Pre Matric, Post Matric Scholarship schemes provided by the Ministry of Minority Scholarships.

Help desk Educational Project Volunteers helped students to apply for Minority Scholarships in Tuti Bagh & Choti Gidadmari villages of Kathihar – Bihar during the period of Sep – Oct 2017.

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