Political parties should shun communal BJP in the Dravidian land: Popular Front

The State Executive Council of Popular Front of India was held at the Dindugal District Headquarters on December 14 and 15. State President A.S.Ismail presided over the meet and National General Secretary O.M.A.Salam was the Chief Guest. State Vice President M.Mohamed Shaik Ansari, General Secretary A.Khalid Mohamed, Secretaries J.Mohamed Raseen, S.Illyas, Treasurer Faisal Ahamed and all the council members participated.
1. Popular Front of India welcomes the recent Supreme Court judgment criminalizing homosexuality, which is against the individual and the society. This culture is not acceptable to our society that has high regards for the moral values. We should understand that blindly following the West is not modernity, but slavery. 
2. The State General Assembly will be held at Tirunelveli on December 29 and 30. The one year activities of the movement will be reviewed and future plans will be discussed in the Assembly.
3. With the parliamentary elections in the near future, the voters’ pattern in the recently concluded five state assembly elections has instilled a sense of fear in the ruling Congress and the communal BJP. The true face of ‘Modi mania’ has been revealed. Popular Front of India requests the political parties in the State to shun the communal BJP in the parliamentary elections in the Dravidian land of Tamil Nadu.
4. The Central Government should close the nuclear plan that stands as the ticking bomb to the people of Tamil Nadu. Popular Front of India has decided to conduct various awareness programs on December 21, which is to be observed as Nuclear free Tamil Nadu Day. A seminar will be conducted in Madurai as part of the schedule and we request the public to participate in large numbers.
5. The State Executive Council strongly condemns the hanging of Abdul Kader Mullah, senior leader of Jamaat e Islami in Bangladesh, by the Shaik Haseena Government. The hanging is nothing but a political murder carried out by Shaik Haseena with the help of the judiciary. The Government is trying to create a wedge among the people and spill the blood. The Indian Government should not turn a blind eye to this inhuman act of the Bangladesh Government. Popular Front of India requests the Indian Government to take this issue to the International Court of Justice. 
6. The appeal petition of Meeran Mohideen (47) of Dindugal, who is serving a life sentence in a murder case, is pending in the Supreme Court. He has spent eight years in Madurai jail and is now fighting for his life in a hospital, after the failure of both his kidneys. Popular Front of India requests the State Government to release Meeran Mohideen on mercy grounds, so that he could spend the rest of the life with his family members.
A.Khalid Mohamed
General Secretary
Popular Front of India
Tamil Nadu

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