Babri Masjid Verdict: Popular Front North Zone Secretary files Review Petition

Challenging the Constitution Bench judgment of the Supreme Court in the Babri Masjid title suit, North Zone Secretary of Popular Front of India Anis Ansari filed the review petition in the Supreme Court on Monday 9 December 2019.

The decision to file review petition was taken by the National Executive Council of the organisation in its meeting held on 15 & 16 of November.

The petition seeks justice from the apex court on the basis of concrete historical facts and evidences. In the judgment itself, the Supreme Court noted without equivocation that the Babri Masjid was vandalized twice, first in 1949 when it was desecrated and idol was placed under the central dome and second in 1992 when a mob of hooligans demolished the Masjid. Still the Court showed to subside these facts and decided to handover the land to the perpetrators who trespassed and later demolished the Babri Masjid. The petitioner submitted that the operative part of the judgment is contradictory to the points observed and upheld by the Court and hence it has to be reconsidered and reviewed.
The relief granted acts as a conspicuous insinuation towards accepting the crimes committed by the miscreants be it placement of idols in the Masjid or demolishing it, whilst the court has acknowledged in the same judgment that those acts were illegal.

The Judgment tends to reduce the fundamental principle of criminal jurisprudence, i.e., Commodum Ex Injuria Sua Nemo Habere Debet (a wrongdoer should not be enabled by law to take any advantage from his actions). It strengthens the said acts to find sustainability in the realm of legality.

The petition also sought an open court hearing of the plea to review the judgment, to stay the operation of the judgment as well as the previous judgment passed by the Allahabad high court in 2010 and to restrain the Central Government from taking any steps pursuant to the judgment of Supreme Court.

“Popular Front of India has been raising voice for justice to Babri Masjid since the very inception of the organisation. In 2011, Popular Front filed the impleading petition in Supreme Court challenging the Allahabad high court judgment; but unfortunately it was not accepted citing that we were not the party before the Allahabad High Court. Recently after Sabarimala case verdict, the Supreme Court has accepted review petitions of many devotees as they were the affected party”, said Popular Front National Executive Council member Adv Mohammad Yusuf. He hoped that on same grounds, the Supreme Court would accept the pleas of both original parties and the affected parties in Babri Masjid title suit.