Remembrance is the first Defense – Babri Masjid Protests

Popular Front of India conducted protest demonstrations on December 6 demanding the rebuilding of the Masjid in the same site and the arrest of the criminals involved in the demolition.

Protest demonstrations, Seminars, Documentary film show on Babri Masjid, pamphlets handbills distributions, Public meetings, Street corner meetings, Human chain protests, exhibitions was held on December 6.

This year we saw participation of Dalits, Christians, Sikh organisations, leftist parties along with many Muslim organisation under one roof which indeed a great development since 22 years of demolition. It seems Indian society began to realize that Hindutva Fascists hegemony is a serious threat to the secular fabric of the nation.

Remembrance is the first defence, Lest we forget Babri Masjid, were some of the slogans used in the protest. The campaign by Popular Front had propagated the message of injustice on Babri Masjid case to the Indian society especially the younger generations. 



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