Withdraw NSA charged on Chandrashekhar Azad: Muhammed Ali Jinnah

Attending the National Strategic Conference for Dignity and Justice jointly organized by various Dalit and Other Backward organizations, Popular Front of India General Secretary M Muhammedali Jinnah has demanded to the UP Government to withdraw the draconian NSA imposed on Bhim Army Leader Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan and end all atrocities against Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis and other unprivileged sections of Indian society.
Jinnah said that Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis in our country are going facing grave injustice and violence from the fascist forces who are backed by the ruling class. The arrest of Bhim Army Leader Chandrashekhar is part of the attempt to suppress those who voice against such violence.
“Our mind is filled with sadness, when we hear that our innocent brothers and sisters are assaulted for seeking justice and demanding to halt the atrocities committed in the name of caste and religion. Any effort to empower ourselves is being met with brutal force, even by the State actors.”
Jinnah expressed in joy in the willingness of these communities to come together “I feel happy that finally we have identified our friends and enemies. We have understood each other and joined hands. Dear brothers and sisters, we are disunited, divided and hence dominated. We mistook our enemies for friends and friends for our enemies. This programme is a proof that this will not be the case for long.”
He pointed out that Bhim Army is going through what Popular Front is also going through: our Dalit brothers are also facing the same situation similar to ours.Besides the ongoing inhuman casteist violence, they are also targetting Dalit initiatives for dignity and human rights.”
He reminded the support and solidarity to Popular Front has always expressed for Dalits movements: “We respond to your call and express our solidarity. In last June, in a statement our Chairman E Abubacker denounced in strong terms the suppression of Dalit neo social movements including Bhim Army and condemned the demonization and the arrest of their leaders. He also expressed his support to all struggles by Dalit movements and activists who are striving against casteist atrocities and fight for their fundamental rights, to secure a dignified life, that is being denied to them.”
“Our National Executive Council was quick to condemn the atrocious act of Uttar Pradesh government for slapping the stringent National Security Act on Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan.”
Jinnah reiterated the demand for withdrawal of NSA imposed on Chandrashekhar in the programme. Jinnah stressed the need of unity among the backward classes and promised to support for all initiatives and activities for the justice.
The organizers include various organization like Rashtriya Dalit Mahasabha, All India Dalit Right Federation, AP Bhawan SC/ST Welfare Association, Punjab SC/BC Employee Federation), Bheem Army (Haryana), The Great Ambedkarite Yuva Sangathan (Delhi), Samta Samaj Sangh (Delhi), Jai Bheem Yuva Sena (Gujarat), Bhartiya Kami Unnayan Parishad (West Bengal), Dalit-Adivasi Bhoomin Adhikar Andolan (Madhya Pradesh), Akhil Bharitiya MNREGA Mazdoor Union (Uttar Pradesh/Bihar), OBC Mukti Morcha (Maharashtra), and Satnami Yuva Manch (Chattisgarh).

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