Support the Politics of Welfare and Equality: Popular Front

Press Release New Delhi 3/12/2013: In the prospect of forthcoming elections to Lok Sabha, Popular Front of India National Executive Council meet held in New Delhi has decided to bring to light the basic issues of the poor and marginalized classes that are being conveniently either ignored or sidelined by mainstream political parties.

The political parties like BJP, Congress and even CPI (M) are distracting people’s attention from the real issues and engaging in pointless shadow wars over non-issues. The ongoing political campaigns and support mobilizations are ignoring the widening divide between the rich and the poor, exorbitant price hike of essential commodities, and frequent revisions in fuel prize, electricity and travel charges, commercialization of service sectors like education and health care. In fact, solutions to these burning issues are not in the agenda of the political power mongers.

The meet found it alarming that the Hindutva Fascists are trying to come to power again using communal riots and hate campaigns as happened in Muzaffarnagar and many other parts of the country. The Muzaffarnagar riots were yet another planned attempt to polarize communities and thus to split traditional secular vote bank along religious lines.

The tribals, Dalits and Muslims are the major victims of the neoliberal policies and even the mild protests from the side of these victims are brutally oppressed. They are demonized and send behind bars charged with anti democratic draconian laws. Our country seems to be turning into a police state where people’s democratic rights could be curtailed under the pretext of national security. Popular Front pointed out that hardly any political party is seen to be addressing these grim realities. A typical example for this political betrayal is their support or indifference to the demand for the repeal of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and Armed Force Special Power Act (AFSPA) which are the core reasons for the unending detention of under-trials without getting bail. The fact that the ruling and opposition parties have hastily buried the right of Muslim reservation as recommended by Justice Mishra Commission is an illustrative case of their anti-minority approach.

The meet has chalked out various massive agitations and mobilization programs in the forthcoming months based upon demands like repealing of UAPA and implementation of Mishra Commission Report. National Chairman K M Shareef presided over the meeting which was attended by General Secretary OMA Salam, Secretary Elyas Thumpe, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Vice Charman Prof. P. Koya, Treasurer Mohammed Shahabuddeen, Former Chairman E M Abdurrahman, NEC members, Adv. A Muhammed Yussuf, YAMoideen, Anis Ahmed, Hamid Mohammed, Moulana Usman Baig, Muhammed Ismail and Samad

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