SDPI condemns the speech by BJP leader

BJP General Secretary has threatened MDMK leader Vaiko saying that Vaiko could not return safely after speaking against Modi or BJP Government or BJP leaders. SDPI condemns this threat that was given to a Tamil political leader through the media. SDPI also demand an unconditional apology from Raja.

We see this threat as a result of having an alliance with BJP that use riots, violence and threats to create a wedge among communities. This threat is given at a time while the political parties in Tamil Nadu are protesting against the decision by Central Government to implement Hindi and Sanskrit in education and Government offices. This threat cannot be seen as a threat against a particular political leader, but that against the entire Tamil community.

Such an uncivilized speech is highly condemnable given the fact that Raja, who speaks ill of Dravidian leader Periyar and other social leaders in various meetings could roam freely in Tamil Nadu. Political leaders and those in the Government are not immune to criticism.

Those who do not have the courage to face criticism are those who do not have the potential to be in power. Tamils will not encourage such kind of cheap politics.

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