Babri Masjid: Panel Discussion reminds Punishment and Reconstruction Lest We Forget: Book and Poster released

An interactive panel Discussion was organized on the topic” Remembering Babri Masjid at 25 Years” on by Popular Front at its headquarters in New Delhi. The panelists were Dr Tasleem Rahmani (President, Muslim Political Council of India), Sreenivasan Ragavan (President, Lok Raj Sangathan), Mufti Aijas Arshad Qasmi (Member, All India Muslim personal Law Board), Ashok Barati (chairman, Jan Samman Party) and Mohammed Shafi (General Secretary, SDPI).
Initiating the discussion, Moderator E M Abdu Rahiman said that even twenty five years after the demolition of the mosque, the judiciary is far from nailing the culprits. He also pointed out that it is a question whether we go behind the myth and belief or follow the truth, facts and records?
While initiating the discussion, panelist expresses their views and unraveled various aspects of the topic. Dr. Tasleem Rahmani said that people are expected to remember every distinct detail of whatever the country has witnessed a quarter century ago on the dark day of 6 December 1992. Ashok Bharati said that the upper class prejudices in our system are well known and the judiciary is no exception to it. It is because of this reason, the dispute of Babri Masjid remained in limbo in the supreme court all through these years. Sreenivas Raghavan stated that the issue is not confined to giving justice to Babri Masjid, but has larger dimensions like changing the political system in favour of the depressed classes. Mohammed Shafi called for a broad based of all those who are opposed to the evil designs of Sangh Parivar. The panelist also responded to the questions from the audience.
On the occasion, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, General Secretary, Popular Front of India released the book published by the organisation in English and Urdu namely “Babri Masjid: Lest We Forget”. A. S. Ismail, North Zone President of Popular Front released the poster published and circulated in different languages in context of the 25th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah delivered the concluding speech. He asked, through the crafty and continuous propagation of false tenets and myths, if the right wing Hindutwa brigade could demolish the Masjid in 400 years, then in support of truth and evidence why the nation can’t rebuilt the Masjid in the very same place in this secular democratic country.

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