Popular Front reiterates the demand to rebuild Babri Masjid at 25th anniversary of demolition

The National Executive Council of Popular Front of India which met for two days at Calicut in Kerala, presided over by Chairman E. Abubacker, discussed various issues of national importance and resolved the following:


Lest we forget Babri Masjid

In the context of the 25th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition by Sangh Parivar, the National Executive Council called upon all Indian citizens to voice for justice by demanding to rebuild it on the same site. The razing of a historic Masjid where Muslims of Ayodhya offered prayers for 463 long years and the failure of Indian legislature, executive and judiciary in saving Babri Masjid from calculated and deliberate demolition is a national shame. As it was so admitted, the government and all secular forces in one voice demanded its reconstruction, immediately after the tragic incident. But with the passage of a quarter century, while the central and state governments on the hands of Sangh Parivar accelerate efforts to build Mandir at the Masjid site, the secular sections seems to conveniently sideline the issue. At this juncture,  Popular Front of India reminded that since the matter of providing justice to Babri Masjid is not merely a Muslim concern, but a national responsibility, all Indian citizens  have to join Muslims in demanding the reconstruction of Babri Masjid. 

Save people from the disasters of demonetisation and GST

The meeting pointed out that when demonetisation exercise of the central government completes one year, it has proved to be an utter failure in tackling the black money which was its declared objective.  Even though cash is only a small component of black wealth, it is now confirmed that 98.8% of the cancelled currency has come back, and that not even 0.01% of the black money has been wiped out. The central government must apologise for the unending difficulties put on people due to this fruitless exercise. Same is the fate of implementing GST.  It has not brought down the price of any commodity, but caused price hike as a common phenomena by paving way for much more exploitation of the consumers. The meeting welcomed the newly reported moves to bring down GST rates under compulsion of forthcoming elections, and termed it as a victory of people’s opposition. 

Stop harassing minorities in Assam

The NEC of Popular Front urged intervention of all opposition parties and human rights groups to stop the harassment of Bengali speaking Muslims in Assam which is at its peak now, in the context of the Dec 31 deadline to complete the National Register of Citizens (NRC).  The central and state governments have intensified the harassment about 5 million Indian citizens putting them in the category of “illegal migrants”, calling them “foreigners”, and classifying them as “Bengladeshis” and “d-voters”.  Many thousands of Bengali speaking people who have been settled in Assam are being haunted and threatened with detention or deportation.  The meeting termed what is happening in Assam a humanitarian catastrophe and opined that their plight should become a matter national concern.

Strengthen broad alliance against BJP in Gujarat

While assessing the emerging political trends in Gujarat on the eve of Assembly elections, Popular Front has welcomed the broad alliance being emerged among Congress and communities and groups that were targets of vilification and repression under the BJP government. The reported electoral understanding among leaders of Congress, Patidar, Takur and Dalit community leaders has to be made more extensive and inclusive with minorities and other depressed groups.  The meeting observed that the level of public anger now seen beyond caste and community identities in Gujarat is indicative of the imminent fall of divisive communal politics of BJP. 

Withdraw NSA and release Bhim Army chief from jail

Popular Front of India condemned the atrocious act of Uttar Pradesh government in slapping the stringent National Security Act on Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan immediately after he was granted bail by the Allahabad High Court.  By this act intended to put Azad Ravan indefinitely in jail, BJP conveys that message that this Brahminical party will not let a Dalit movement to flourish smoothly, even while they pretending to be champions of Dalit cause. 

Success of grand conferences shows people’s solidarity

The NEC of Popular Front saluted the people who have congregated in many thousands in Grand Conferences held in different states during past one month.  The great success of the conferences with massive turn out and representation of different sections has illustrated people’s resolve to move forward in the path of empowerment along with Popular Front.   The meeting hoped that henceforth, those forces that remained hostile to Popular Front would show wisdom enough to read the writings on the wall and develop an objective and honest approach to this movement and its ideals. 


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