Communal politics proves to be monstrous: Popular Front

New Delhi: “the latest attack on Sudheendra Kulkarni, media adviser to former prime minster Vajpayee, demonstrated clearly that the promoters of communal politics are reaping what they have sowed” said KM Shareef, Chairman of Popular Front of India in his statement responding the day by day increase of attacks by communal factions. It seems that communalism is getting out of the hands of the very people who created it for political gains, and now it is turning into a monster which attacks its own masters.

In last few days dozens of prominent writers have returned literary honours that had been awarded to them in recognition of their works, as a protest against the state for its failure to protect the fundamental right. Shareef said that an inflammable atmosphere such as this, from the brutal assassinations of the rationalist thinkers to the lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri, did not happen out of the vacuum, but rather is a deliberate making. It is tragic and painful that now citizens of this country can get killed even for what they eat, write or speak

KM Shareef has highly appreciated the writers who have come forward to speak the truth. They will definitely encourage popular resistance to fascism. Popular Front called upon peace loving people of India to defend the constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights of citizens and defeat fascist ideology of hatred.

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Arif Muhammed
Director of Media and Public Relations

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