Uniform Civil Code unacceptable: Popular Front

Central Secretariat meeting of Poplar Front of India has resolved that Uniform Civil Code is unacceptable and urged the central government to withdraw from moves aimed at imposing Uniform Civil Code on all citizens. Though the directive principles of the Indian constitution advise the state a Uniform Civil Code, nullifying separate personal laws now enjoyed by different religious groups is an infringement of the freedom religion enshrined in it as a fundamental right. Moreover, the minorities apprehend that imposing the UCC will violate the cultural rights of religious and linguistic minorities guaranteed by the constitution. The case now before the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the steps taken by the Law Commission of India, adds to the worries of minorities about the intentions of the present government. The issues of equity and gender justice need not be raised as grounds for UCC, as they can be dealt with in the frames of separate personal laws now in existence. The Central Secretariat also demanded to consider the repeal of the said clause from the constitution itself for not giving vested interest groups, opportunity to meddle with it occasionally for political gains.

Developments in Kerala
The meeting expressed concerns over some recent developments in Kerala in the realm curbing extremism and terrorism. There are mysteries still remaining about the arrest of a few Muslim youth from Kanakamala hills allegedly involved in terrorist conspiracies on behalf of ISIS. All Muslim organisations including Popular Front of India have time and again denounced ISIS and cautioned Muslim youth from falling into any such groups and traps. All truths about the new developments are to be brought out through fair investigation and trial, and the matter is to be dealt accordingly. But innocents should not be harassed as happened in many early cases. Such instances are being misused by communal outfits to tarnish the image of Muslim scholars, leaders and organisations and isolate them from the mainstream. The way Dr. Zakir Naik and his institutions are targeted is a typical example to it. There are recent reports of initiating legal actions against a Muslim scholar in Kerala alleging hate speech and a Muslim management public school alleging communal course content. These acts become examples of communal bias prevailing in administration of police of Kerala, when the fire brand Hindutva hate speakers roam free and the Sangh Parivar controlled schools continue to inject communal venom among kids. While UAPA is not imposed in serial killings in which CPM and RSS-BJP are involved, even minor offences and alleged conspiracies connected to Muslim groups are put under UAPA and 124-A. It worrying that the civil society of Kerala is not coming up for de-communalising state police.
Reiterating its consistent stand against the terror laws, Popular Front expressed its dissent in the imposition of UAPA in the arrests of Kanakamala-ISIS case and the new case against the Muslim scholar. The Central Secretariat also reminded the CPM controlled state government and its chief minister to be cautious about becoming tools of the Hindutva agenda against Muslims. Chairman K M Shareef presided over the meeting held at Calicut in Kerala.

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