We also have something to say: Tens of thousands rally against witch-hunt of Popular Front

Amidst recent media reports of the Central Government moves to Popular Front of India, tens of thousands, men, women and children, drawn from all parts of Kerala, flocked to Trivandrum city to attend the mega rally and the grand conference that followed, organized by the Kerala state committee of the organization with the slogan “We also have something to say”. The massively attended gathering became a warning against the sinister attempts of the right-wing government to suppress democratic Muslim movements and initiatives labeling them as anti-national and demonizing them. The programme became a warning and an open declaration that the organization is not taking a backward step from where it stands come what may. The massive turnout which brought the city to as stand still for hours is a proof that community highly alerts against the vicious vilification campaigns unleashed by the corporate media against the community. Political leaders, scholars and activists addressed the gathering and spoke out against the moves to ban the organization.
Popular Front of India Chairman E. Abubacker inaugurated the conference at the historic Putharikandam ground. E Abubacker said that the organization is not ready to kneel before Sangh Pariwar fascism even if it is presented with the sun in its right hand and the moon in its left hand, and that the organization will continue its fight against fascism.
“This world is going through a post-truth age where nations and peoples including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya were bombarded and annihilated on the basis of lies created to serve the whims and fancies of certain super powers. India too is moving in that direction. Hindu right-wing forces here who came to power in India in 2014 are joining hands with the evil nexus of Americans and the Jewish state against Muslims. Recently Buddhists have also joined and in the process, they created a flood of refugees.”
“By using security agencies, they trap Muslim youth to join mysterious groups. Those who refuse are either implicated in false cases and sent behind bars, or are executed in fake encounters. They carry out bomb blasts dressing like Muslims. One after another every Hindutwaculprits involved in such terror attacks are now being freed from jails.”
“The propaganda against Popular Front is nothing but false. A large section of media is unilaterally putting us on trial and pass their own judgments without ever listening what we have to say. Numerous the allegations including 336 cr black money, ISI link, Kashmir recruitment, Marad incident and blasts at Calicut bus stand were raised against us but no investigative agencies could prove anything against us because we had no involvement in any of them.
Patriotism is ingrained in genes; therefore we cannot cooperate with IS. We had alerted the community of the dangers of such groups early enough. It is the killers of Gandhi who are questioning our patriotism.”
The high court judgment in DrHaidya case is biased. The government is ruling for cows.
NIA demands to ban of Popular Front pointing at certain political violence. In that case, looking at the crime records it is RSS and CPM that have to be banned in the first place.
No one can frighten Popular Front with provocations, nor can their temptations soften us.
Addressing the gathering PC George MLA said that it is not possible to prove that Popular Front has some sinister links.
“Those raising allegations against Popular Front, if they can convince me of it, I will cut all my ties with the organization and I know that no one can convince me of it.
It is the responsibility of the central and state governments to protect minorities. Governments should persuade minorities to think communally. That is dangerous. Before accusing others of terrorism PinarayiVijayan should look at the records of the political murders happened in the state. He should come forward to declare the end of political murders in Kannur district.
He has unbridled his police. What I want to tell Pinarayi’s police who disrupt Popular Front programme is that you should continue to do because the more you disrupt the stronger Popular Front gets. My request to media is that they should report E Abubacker speech which rebutted every false allegation raised against the organization.
Popular Front state president NasarudheenElamaram in his presidential address said that Hindutva fascists are in capable of confronting Popular Front ideologically.
“They are trying to destroy Popular Front with their unfounded ideology. They should not forget the end of the dictators and fascists likeFaraoha, Hitler and Mussolini.
Fascism which teaches hatred and adopts violence as their means is the enemy of this country.
RSS is the source of most of the false news against Popular Front. Without realizing the poison RSS is serving, some are consuming and passing it around.
Popular Front did not begin by asking anyone’s permission, nor will it stop by orders of anyone. It is an idea and a stand. It cannot be annihilated.
By drawing the wrong comparison between two unequal sides, the secular parties are also doing committing a dangerous fault. They secure Muslim votes and hardly stand for the community’s cause.
Popular Front will remain in the true path with its head high.”
MaulanaSajjadNomani, prominent Islamic Scholar and member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, was the chief guest of the programme. Addressing the programme he said that Popular Front is an organization that has realized the socio-political realities of the country. Popular Front is tirelessly working day and nights in the villages of the country for the empowerment of the community. Raising terror allegations against them organization is deplorable.
The social educational empowerment activities they are carrying out are highly admirable. No Popular Front member can involve in any kind of anti-national activity. Such allegations come from Sangh Pariwar.
Justice KolsePatil, former judge of Bombay High Court in his speech stressed the need for a unity of all marginalized classes like Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis to resist the RSS, who is the enemy of this country. “ Only through this unity of the large majority of India that can defeat RSS completely.”
Thejas editor and political commentator NP Chekkutty said that the people would reject the hypocrisy of communal politics. BJP government is trying to turn people against one another as a way of coming to power again. But there is a unity developing all over the country against them. That is why RSS is now coming up with such false propagandas against organizations like Popular Front. Protest against such moves is increasingly coming from the backward classes and it will strengthen in coming days. We will resist their attempts to kill Thejas through popular participation.
MaulanaMehfuzurahman all India Imams Council President said that people in the country have come to a point that now they are beginning to ask the government which came to power offering so-called good day whether it can give at least their old days back.
Dozens of tableaus lined for the rally because of the example of artistic resistance in the face of Sangh Pariwar onslaughts. They called attention to the socio-political conditions in the country including lynch mobs, the house arrest DrHadiya, the torture at Gharwapasicentres, Assassination of Gandhi, the killings of free thinkers and intellectuals, failures of Central government, note ban, fake encounters double standards in the deliverance of justice, draconian laws etc.
Another fact that marks the programme as historic is the equal participation of women. It is proof of the growing awareness among the womenfolk of the problems faced by the community. Tens of thousands of women lined behind the banner that read “Stand guard over the constitution, the constitution is in danger”. From elderly mothers to teenage students were among them shouting slogans against the oppression and injustice.
It is worth mentioning that it is the untiring efforts and promptness of the thousands of volunteers the massively attended programme where there is every chance of going chaotic so smooth and such a great success. They were there in every nooks and corner of the city and suburbs controlling traffic, directing people cleaning and whatnot.

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