Conference against Politics of Hate at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi marking conclusion of National campaign

Marking the conclusion of the month long National campaign “Stop Politics of Hate” by Popular Front of India, a huge public gathering “National People’s Conference” will be held at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi on 3rd Oct. 2016 at 10 am. The conference presided over by Chairman of Popular Front K M Shareef will be addressed by national leaders of secular parties, community organisations, and human rights groups.
Popular Front of India is a social movement working at grass roots across the nation for the empowerment of Muslims and other marginalized sections of the society. At this point of time, mobilizing the masses for the cause of democracy and secularism against the Hindutva forces is an important task to be accomplished. Under the BJP government, the Hindutva forces are working on the agenda to create communal polarization and anti-minority atmosphere through all means from hate speeches and false propaganda’s to local provocations and riots. The cow vigilante groups have intensified their attacks on Muslims, Dalits and farmers. The situation demands broad alliances and united actions by the depressed classes, minorities and secular forces to save the society and nation from the clutches of communal, fascist and capitalist forces.

The campaign inauguration program was held in southern most district Kanyakumari on 1st September. Popular Front of India has been holding various programs such as grand public conferences, street corner meetings, get together, vehicle caravans, street dramas, poster exhibition, house visits, pamphlet distribution etc. in different states as part of the national campaign. The response of the public is encouraging and people from different sections of society are involving in campaign activities all over India.

We request all peace loving citizens of our country to be part of this noble campaign. We also request the media to support this cause by giving publicity and coverage to the campaign concluding program to be held as National People’s Conference at Talkatora Stadium on 3rd Oct. 2016.

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