Supreme Court verdict on Triple Talaq forbids government intervention in Personal Law

Popular Front of India general secretary Mohammed Ali Jinnah has stated that the Judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Triple Talaq issue forbids the government from intervening in Muslim Personal Law, though it has struck down the practice of Triple Talaq for six months. It is noteworthy that the majority verdict of three judges has accorded protection to personal laws under article 25 of the constitution. As Muslim Personal Law Board has pointed out, the judgment has upheld religious freedom as the essence of fundamental rights ensured to the citizens of this country.

It is a fact that the practice of triple talaq is not considered as the best practice, though it has been sanctioned in certain texts. Various Muslims sections have been taking steps to discourage this practice through community reform measures.

Since the majority judgment held the practice to be illegal and have struck it down, the minority view to refer it to parliament seems to have no standing. Based upon these facts, Mohammed Ali Jinnah has asked the government as well as the parliament not to tamper with Muslim Personal Law and bring Common Civil Code through back door, by misusing the present verdict

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