Our Republic is stronger than the people who rule our country: Prof. P. Koya

After hoisting of the national flag at the headquarters of the Popular Front of India at Delhi, the National Executive Council Member Prof. P. Koya addressed in the gathering here on today.
In his Independence Day address he told “Dear friends, it is really a great moment of joy and excitement when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the freedom.

Unfortunately, It is also a moment of great grief and sadness because more than 60 children died grasping for breath in the Gorakpur hospital. This may be a sign of times to come unless you stand up and say no to the communal and fascistic forces of the country, which control the system in these days.
But, we are sure that our republic is something stronger than the people who rule our country.
It is not the Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the BJP president Amit Shah or the RSS sar sangh salak Mohan Bhagwat, who control our country, who decide the fate of our republic.

So, with courage and conviction, with the great faith in the future, prosperity and strength of our great republic, we declare “Long Live India, Long Live India, Long Live the Republic”, You repeat that “Long Live India, Long Live India, Long Live the Republic, Long Live the Republic”. Thank you very much for joining this highly exiting event”.

The north zone secretary Anis Ansari also spoke in the event. The NEC member and north zone president A.S. Ismail, NEC member Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff, north zone secretary Safiullah, Delhi state secretary Gulpham Hussain were also present. The headquarter secretary Nabeel C welcomed the gathering and public relations secretary Shafeeq Rahman delivered vote of thanks.

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