Popular Front congratulates Tripura state for human rights concerns

New Delhi Aug 9: Popular Front chairman KM Shareef in a statement has welcomed the Tripura Assembly resolution requesting the Union Government to amend Section 302 of the IPC to abolish capital punishment. It is noteworthy that Tripura government had earlier withdrawn Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA), a widely misused draconian law. He said that being the first state to pass a resolution against death penalty, the Tripura government is setting a model for other states in the protection of human rights and establishing justice.

The resolution is particularly significant not only because many death sentences carried out recently have been accused of being politically motivated, but also due to the fact that various studies showed that capital punishments are mostly used against the backward sections and minorities. Thousands innocents are languishing in various jails because of the draconian laws like AFSPA and UAPA. Avery positive aspect of the Tripura Assembly resolution is that it was passed unanimously with a congress member moving it and CMP members supporting the same. Popular Front called on all governments and political parties especially congress and left parties to take a nationwide stand against death penalty and draconian laws

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