Stand for justice by overcoming hurdles with wisdom and courage: Moulana Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nomani

“In the current situation of fear and insecurity prevailing in the country, Muslim community shall have to display wisdom and courage in overcoming the hurdles surrounding them.” Moulana Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nomani who is a reputed scholar and working committee member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board made this call while giving ‘Popular Lecture’ of the month at Popular Front of India headquarters in New Delhi. The topic of the speech delivered before an invited audience including women was ‘Human Rights and Social Justice in Islamic perspective’.

“Today we confine practicing of the religion to ‘Ibadaat’ like Prayer and fasting, but that alone does not completes our responsibly as Muslims. It is also part of our duties to make our best efforts to solve the problems of the society”, Maulana said. He added: “As Muslims, it is our responsibility to lead people from the slavery of man to the slavery of the Creator. We have to mould our life style and character according to Divine principles so that people could understand Islam looking at our behaviours. It is time for us to be with people, in solving their problems. If we are not ready to fight social evils like communal and corporate fascism now, Allah will replace us with another group of people who are ready to undertake this collective responsibility of the time. But we should neither get deeply depressed nor over reactive. Himmat (courage) and Hikmat (wisdom) are the twin human faculties that the Muslims of the day have to practice collectively.”

Moulana criticized the crony capitalist policies that further the inequalities. “When we buy even small things, we have to pay our hard earned money as tax and the money ultimately goes to embellish the corporates. If an organ of our body becomes fatter and fatter, it is not a sign of our health; rather it is a symptom of disease. Similarly, due to the uneven and unethical development model, the rich people are growing richer and poor people becoming poorer.”

He further said: “The governments are only serving the interests of the minority of rich corporates who controls the wealth of the nation while majority of the people in the country are denied even of their basic means of livelihood. In order to divert people’s attention from these realities, the government deliberately creates and engages people in issues like protecting cows and chasing black money.”

E M Abdul Rahiman, National Executive Council member of Popular Front, chaired the meeting. Anis Ahamed, National Executive Council member of Popular Front concluded the discussions that followed the speech. Muhammed Shafi, national general secretary of SDPI introduced the guest. Pervez Ahamed, Delhi state president of Popular Front and Gulpham Husain, Delhi state secretary of Popular Front gave welcome speech and vote of thanks respectively.

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