Withdraw from moves to saffronize education system

New Delhi: A resolution passed by the meeting of the National Secretariat of Popular Front of India held in New Delhi called upon the government to stop the covert saffronisation and corporatization of the country’s educational system and to solve the systemic problems of teaching. While The Draft New Education Policy 2016 affirms the existence of serious problems with current education system, it does not have anything substantial to offer in addressing those problems. Rather the government seems more interested in changes that promote their divisive political agenda and allow unbridled entry of corporate business houses which cater only to the rich and the privileged.

In another resolution the meeting called upon the Dalit organisations and Dalit leaders who are allied with Sang Parivar outfits to come out of the yoke and join the protests by their blood brothers and sisters now gaining momentum across the country against the atrocities and exploitations by Brahminical Hindutva forces.

In another resolution the meeting demanded justice for the Muslim women who were assaulted and humiliated by so called cow protection forces in Bhopal. They were attacked in the presence of the police. Yet, instead arresting the attackers, case was filed against the victims themselves. There are also reports coming from Uttar Pradesh where Muslims were attacked for allegedly keeping beef. There also the police booked the victims and not the attackers. Such shameful incidents become commonplace because the right wing perpetrators most often roam scot-free without facing any legal action.

The secretariat meeting also discussed the forthcoming month long campaign called ‘Stop Hatred’ to be held nationwide from September 1 to 30, against the growing atmosphere of hate in the country. Various programmes will be organized across the country as part of the campaign including public meetings, posters, people’s rallies, get-togethers, table discussions, etc.

The campaign will be launced in a grand public meeting to be held in the southern most district Kanyakumari and will conclude in the capital city of New Delhi. The secretariat appealed the people of the country and the media to support the campaign. Chairman K M Shareef presided the meeting. Vice Chairman E M Abdul Rahiman, General Secretary Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Abdul Vahid Sait and Mohammed Roshan attended the meeting. Mohammed Ali Jinnah General Secretary Popular Front of India Head Quarters

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