Popular Front condemns disruption of press meet in Meerut

The National Campaign of Popular Front of India carrying the message “Live without Fear, Live with Dignity” is being conducted across the country for a period of 45 days from 15th July, 2019 onwards. A public awareness poster titled above, handbill distribution and public get togethers are planned in this campaign. The purpose is to restore the confidence of the affected people particularly from among the minority and Dalit communities who are subjected to mob lynching and thrashing for flimsy and sometimes false reasons. Several people have been killed and many others grievously injured by frenzied mobs.

As part of the campaign, a press conference was scheduled in Meerut (UP) today. But its purpose was disrupted by the local police without any reason. Just before starting the Press meet, the Press Club cancelled the booking, stating it was under pressure to do so. Later, the organizers arranged the meet at the SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India) office in Meerut where the Police detained its organizers and prevented the event. Media Persons were told to keep distance from the organisers of the campaign.

Abdul Wahid Sait, national secretary of Popular Front of India in a statement condemned this highhandedness of the police administration wherein our leaders were not even allowed to peacefully conduct their program, even in a private office. It should be noted that there is nothing objectionable in the campaign and a similar press conferences were held all over the country, including in Press Club of India in Delhi on 22-Jul-2019. The police has detained a few leaders of Popular Front of India and One local leader of SDPI.
The deteriorating human and civic rights situation in the state of UP is alarming and the present incident is also a proof of it. Undoubtedly, it is time to question this unlawful and unconstitutional action by the police as it is unabatedly curbing the rights of citizens.
Abdul Wahid Sait urged civic society and human rights activists to rise to the situation in defending civil liberties and democratic values enshrined in our Constitution. He demanded immediate release of the leaders detained by police.