Learning is revolution: Campus Front begins membership campaign in Karnataka

Bangalore: Campus Front of India will be conducting Membership Campaign for the year 2013-14 from July 15 to August 15, said state committee member of the organization Muhammad Thufail at a press conference held at press club, Bangalore.
He said, Campus Front of India is a neo social student organization working with the object of campus empowerment and fostering student activists of new generation. Campus Front is in forefront to struggle for the rights of marginalized sections.
He said, Campus Front of India has been fighting against the anti people policies, anti education policies and imperialism, colonialism, fascism and violation of human rights.
“As a student movement, we are actively participating in social issues. We have laid foundation to empower and educate students. We are developing student community with the programs like personality developments camps, education information camps, seminars and public meets”, he said.
He said, in the academic year of 2013-14 his organization has completed many campaigns successfully and will be conducting membership campaign this year.
“In 2013-14, our organization conducted Scholarship Campaign, Anti Torture Campaign, Anti Fascist campaign, Come to School Campaign, Nirbhaya Women Awareness Campaign, Voting Right Campaign, Green Campus Campaign, Summer Camp of school children very successfully”, he added.
“To encourage students to participate in social struggles, the organization will be conducting membership campaign from July 15 to August 15 with the motto of Learning is a Revolution”, he added.
Other leaders of the organization were also present at the press club.

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