Popular Front demands action against malicious utterances

Popular Front of India chairman K M Shareef condemned rightwing Hindutva leader Ashok Singhal’s statement which demanded minority community to learn to behave according to majority sentiments. He expressed concern over growing attempts to intimidate and provoke religious minorities. Such attempts should be objected by every sane element in our country. By such absurd statements Hindutva leaders like Singhal and Thogadia are challenging and insulting the fundamentals of our constitution. He reminded that electoral victory is in no way a permission to question the fundamentals of Indian constitution.

It is believed that some leaders of VHP are emboldened to make venomous utterances against minorities frequently because of the political patronage they enjoy under the BJP government. But they do not represent the sentiments of majority community which want a peaceful living with minorities.

K M Shareef demanded the central and state governments to prosecute those irresponsible Hindutva leaders who issue malicious statements with the sole intention of creating strife between different religious communities.

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