Popular Front protest against mob lynching and hate message in Jharkhand; 43 remanded

Lawyers’ team conducted jail visit and victim s’ house visit in Pakur Pakur,

July 18: Popular Front of India national delegation, yesterday (17.7.17) visited the houses of rest of the members, who were arrested and lodged in jail for conducting a peaceful democatic protest march in Pakur, Jharkhand against the lynching of Muslims by gau rakshaks and demanding strong police action against local BJP leader Hisabi Roy for his hatred message on social media. National Executive member Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff, district president Obaidur Rahman, Area level and Unit level leaders were in the delegation.

National delegation

On Sunday (16.7.17), the delegation visited 25 families along with zonal president Moulana Kaleemulla and zonal secretary Haneef.

Jail visit

Prior to the yesterday’s house visit the lawyers’ team went to Pakur district jail and met the leaders and members.

Lynching in Jharkhand

The mob lynching and brutal attack on Muslims Jharkhand by gau rakshak has been increasing for the past two years. Popular Front intervened in somany issues to get justice to the victims.

PIL in Latehar lynching  

Popular Front filed a public interest litigation before the high court in the lynching of two Muslim oxen traders and it was pending.

Writ petition against Jamtara police

As the part of “Nationwide School Chalo campaign”, few months back Popular Front had conducted “School Kits distribution” in different parts of the Jharkhand. In Jamtara district, while were trying to conduct the school kits distribution in a public programme, the Inspector of Narauanpur police station denied the permission in the last moment and seized the mic set. After our members rushed the police station, he said, “You you can do the distribution, but you should remove the Popular Front banner. If so, I will give you permission”. Our local leaders refused and started to the programme. But the police stopped us from distributing school kits and arrested our leaders. They were detained in the police station and released after five hours. Against this illegality, our Jamtara district president filed a writ petition in the high court.

Legal aid in Jamshedpur (Saraikela) lynching

Ten days before the starting of Ramzan, in Saraikela district, which is 45 km away from Jamshedpur, four Muslim cow traders were beaten to death on false charges by the gau rakshaks. In this incident, Popular Front Pakur district secretary Abdul Hannan participated in the joint fact finding team of NCHRO and Bandhi Mukhthi Committee. The team went there for two days and built confidence in the victim families and the villagers. We provided legal aid to the four victim families to file writ petitions before high court.

Ramgarh lynching and Girity brutality

After the lynching of Junaid in Haryana during the ending days of Ramzan, Alimiddin was lynched in Ramgarh, (Jharkhand) and Usman was brutally beaten and his house was set on fire in Giriti (Jharkhand) by gau rakshaks.

Hate message of Hisabi Roy and Pakur protest

After these incidents, day, Hisabi Roy, a local BJP leader of Pakur circulated a whatsapp message as “which was happened in Ramgarh and Giriti should be repeated in Pakur also. Police and new SP are our persons. We will make the Muslims silent with the help of police”. Against this Popular Front Pakur district president Abdul Hannan filed a criminal complaint in Pakur town police station on 30th June and the police was in the compulsion to lodge FIR against Hisabi Roy, but neither arrested nor interrogated him. Against the mob lynching and demanding the arrest for hate message, Popular Front Pakur district committee conducted a protest march on 5th July from Gandhi chowk to town police station, in which more than 300 people participated. Police denied permission and resorted lathi charge and arrested 65 people, most of them are the members of Popular Front including state vice-president Moulana Hanjela Shaikh, state general secretary Abdul Wadud and few state committee members. After 30 hours of illegal custody and harassment, 43 members and leaders were remanded and lodged in Pakur jail. Rest of the 22 members were let off by foisting a petty case u/s 107 of Cr.P.C. The team of lawyers from Delhi, Rajasthan, Kolkatta, Pune and Ranchi high court are camping at Pakur and doing the legal proceedings for the bail of arrested persons.

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