‘US conspiring to create chaos in Arab Countries’

Mangalore: “Death to Israel”, “Hail Hamas” and “Liberate Palestine,” were among the slogans shouted by the hundreds of demonstrators, who staged protests in front of the office of Deputy Commissioner in Mangalore on Saturday against Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, which has claimed around 120 lives in five days.
The protest meet was organized by the local unit of Popular Front of India to express solidarity with Palestinians and to exert pressure on the Indian government to join the international community to oppose the brutality Zionist forces, who killed dozens of children and women in Gaza in last few days.
Addressing the demonstrators Popular Front leader Haneef Katipalla said that the US was conspiring to create chaos in Arab countries through its shrewdness. As part of this conspiracy, Israel was bombarding Gaza with missiles resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocents.
“Children, women and innocent civilians are being killed due to Israel’s relentless offensive. All peace-loving nations should protect the innocent civilians by yielding pressure on Israel to end the overnight raids by its forces,” he said, demanding that Israel should be tried in the international court for its war crimes in Gaza.
He said that although the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon had appealed for ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, the Israeli military had disregarded the appeal. Israel should be punished for violating the UN resolutions and peace treaties, he said.
The demonstrators vented their ire against Israel by burning an image of Israeli president Shimon Peres during their demonstration.

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