Popular Front of India calls upon people to build broad alliances to resist anti-people governance

New Delhi / 16 June 2015 National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut observed in a resolution that the performance of the Union Government under Prime Minnister Nardendra Modi in its first year was totally disappointing as far as the interests of the vast majority of the population is concerned. It seems that if the government has done anything satisfying, it is only for those forces that worked to bring the BJP to power, i.e. capitalists and communalists.

Concern for the welfare of people is seen only in high sounding hollow statements and repeated promises. Using the development mantra as a cover, the government is implementing its pro-rich policies one after the other. Dismantling of Land Acquisition Act 2013 is one of the worst examples. Government can now acquire any amount of land from farmers and transfer to the industrialists with or without the permission of their owners.

The past one year has shown enough indications of the government withdrawal from welfare measures and social expenditures. The performance of MGNREGA in terms of wages paid and number of days of work was ever lowest in past year. The allocations for National Rural Livelihood Mission PM’s Gram Sadak Yojana were reduced drastically in the current budget. Showing a clear government retreat from the idea of welfare state, there was 1.75 lakh crores cut in social expenditure which equals 10% of our national budget.

While on one side the government is busy satisfying the corporate sector, on other side it is hastily safronizing areas like education, history, media and film by introducing irrational and unscientific changes to the syllabi and filling governing bodies with Hindutva brigade with least concern for the development of the concerned areas.

While the Prime Minister was busy in undertaking foreign trips, they did not bring substantial foreign investments in the line of much publicised ‘Make in India’ offer. It is being proved that they were just exercises to guarantee business contracts for the like of Adani and Ambani corporates houses at the expenses of the government.

As if to divert people’s attention from the anti-people policies and to be faithful to basic Hindutva ideology, the government is allowing the calculated moves of Sangh Parivar to make the social atmosphere communally tense throughout the country. Other than giving sermons while attending minority forums and delegations, hate speeches and statements did not invite any government controls or legal actions. Also agenda of communal outfits to create incidents of anti-minority riots gets implemented in different states one after another with the patronage of administration and police. Even talks of minority rights have been treated blasphemous and consequently vital issues like Communal Violence Prevention Bill and reservation to backward Muslims seem to remain buried forever.

Stop serving forces of capitalism and communalism

In view of the performance of the BJP government during the first year of its tenure, the National Executive Council demanded the government to stop serving forces of capitalism and communalism and return to the established national ethos of a secular and democratic welfare state. The meeting reminded the government that the overt and covert agenda of dividing people on communal lines will not ultimately succeed as a means of diverting people’s attention from policies that make the life of poor majority more and more vulnerable. The meeting called upon people to build broad alliances to resist anti-people governance by overcoming the divisions created in the name of caste and religion.

Ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims condemned

NEC of Popular Front condemned the ethnic cleansing being carried against Rohingya and Kaman Muslim communities in Arakan state of Myanmar by a section of Budhist militias with Myanmar government support. NEC requested the neighbouring countries and international agencies to open borders to Rohingya asylum seekers, and ensure that they have adequate food, shelter, and protection. They should stop pushing the stateless people which is equal to mass murder. NEC urged all governments to check the criminal organizations that exploit the situation for large scale human trafficking.
Popular Front appealed to the international community to press the Burmese government to end discriminatory policies and to grant Rohingya Muslims full citizenship rights.

Chairman K M Shareef presided over the meeting. General Secretary Muhammed Ali Jinna presented the reports. Those who attended the meeting include NEC members and invitees E M Abdul Rahiman, Abdul Vahid Sait, Moulana Muhammed Khalid Rashadi, Prof P Koya, O M A Salam, Anis Ahmed, Muhammed Roshan, Hamid Muhammed, Adv Muhammed Yusuf, Muhammad Ismail, C Abdul Hameed, Muhammed Saqib ,A S ismail, Yamohideen,Abdul sammad ,Afsal ,Ashraf moulavi and others.

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