Seminar on Myanmar Crisis: UN should Intervene immediately

Chennai June 7, 2015 : To stop the human right violations and atrocities against innocent Muslims of Myanmar, Popular front of India organised a public seminar at Farook Mahal, Rayapuram, Chennai on June 7, 2015 urging United Nation to intervene immediately and render a helping hand to the hapless human beings perishing in sea waters.

Muslims of Myanmar including women and children were systematically persecuted and brutally butchered by the tyrant Buddhist regime on politically motivated charges like illegal migrants or descendants from the elsewhere neighbouring countries for their crime of being born among Muslims. Videos circulated in the social media and images of People who trying to escape to save their lives was also not spared by the Army. The stateless people, stranded in the sea without hope, left abandoned by the neighbouring countries. Boats they are sailing have no food or water. International community especially United Nation has the onus to act pro-actively to put an end to this humanitarian crisis, remain silent. Seminar urged the United Nation to intervene immediately to save the lives of innocents.

Seminar was presided by M.Mohamed Ismail, State President of Popular Front of India. Professor A. Marx, Tholar Thiyagu, Arul Murugan, convenor, May 17 movement, Dhehlan Baqavi President of Social Democratic Party of India and Popular Front State leaders Mohamed Shaik Ansari, Mohamed Rasin were also present and expressed their solidarity with Popular Front of India to condemn violations of human rights.

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