Protest march to Egyptian Embassy held in New Delhi

Popular Front of India Delhi State Committee held a protest march against the death Sentence to democratically elected leader Mr. Morsi and his supporters in Egypt, today at 11:30 am in Front of Egyptian Embassy in New Delhi.

Popular Front Delhi State President Mr. Parvez Ahmed while addressing the protest rally said that democracy is the basic right of every human being and society. Being the citizens of India which is a very big democratic country allowing its citizens to express their view on every concerning issues, it is our concern that the democratic forces in Egypt face jails and death warrants. “Arab Spring” had brought hopes of democratic transition in the region. Since then the Morsi government was toppled, mass death sentences on weak evidences have been the mark of the current military regime.

Mohammed Arif, Public Relations Director at Popular Front headquarters said that, Mohammed Morsi is the first democratically elected president of Egypt, but he was toppled through a meticulously planned military coup arranged by US and Israel. US while pretending to be championing democracy have been funding army dictators for decades to impose political system they desire in the Arab region.

The march was stopped some distance away from the Embassy. Then Popular Front leaders went to the Embassy with an intention to meet the ambassador. But they were allowed to speak to other officials at the embassy. Popular Front leaders told them that the death sentence to elected president of Egypt Mr. Morsi and renowned Islamic scholar Shaik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi and hundreds of others is a mockery of the judicial process and they demanded to stop burial of democracy in Egypt and free all Egyptian democrats from jails.

Muhammad Arif,
PR Director,
Popular Front of India
Headquarters, New Delhi

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