Save higher judiciary from erosion of values, dignity and credibility

Popular Front of India, in a resolution adopted by its National Executive Council meeting, has expressed serious concerns over the erosion of values in higher judiciary and appealed people of India to come forward against moves that undermine its dignity and credibility.    


A series of incidents in recent times have brought to limelight the growing rift between senior most judges in the country and the accusation of political interferences in higher judiciary. It is to be remembered that a group of judges had to go public with their concerns with no other option left within the system.  The issues they raised have not yet been properly addressed. Such a situation has given way for suspicion in the minds of the citizens about the fairness in the working of the judicial system and mutual trust among Supreme Court judges. The present government sees the constitution, statute books and the state principles such as secularism, democracy and equality before law, the largest obstructions to implement their sectarian agenda.   In an attempt to make judiciary to follow their steps, BJP Government is trying to divide judges on communal and political lines. The primary onus to avoid such a situation is on the Chief Justice and other judges in Supreme Court themselves. We appeal to all judges in the apex court to demonstrate integrity of judiciary by staying united in the face of such evil designs.  They must not get influenced and subsequently get defeated by any political agenda to create an embedded judiciary.  The meetings also called upon people of the nation to come out against moves that undermine judiciary as it has to remain as our ultimate hope even under an authoritarian regime.

Stop targeting AMU

In another resolution the NEC meeting of Popular Front strongly condemned the brutal violence against the students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) by Hindu Yuva Vahini goons and U. P. police.  Popular Front extended support to the struggle of the students to save the university from the evil designs of RSS.  It is ridiculous to attack an institution over a portrait that was installed in 1938. In fact, the attacks unleashed on Aligarh Muslim University is in continuation with the ongoing attempts by Sangh Parivar  against minority institutions and any initiatives that focuses on empowerment of the marginalized Muslim community. Instead of protecting minority institutions, by questioning the minority status of Jamia Millia BJP Government has already created a situation that made those institutions vulnerable to such attacks.   The meeting called upon the central and state governments to maintain an atmosphere of peace at AMU campus and bring communal goons who attacked the students to book.

Governments asked to facilitate freedom of worship

In another resolution NEC meeting of Popular Front asked Haryana government to control goons who attacked Muslims in the name of offering prayers in public places.   On 4 May, some Hindutva groups in Gurugram disrupted Muslim Friday prayer in at least 10 places chanting provocative slogans. Haryana chief minister, instead of taking action against the perpetrators for creating communal hostilities, responded with comments that validated the criminal act. There are illegal constructions in    public places by different religious sections in most towns.  One or other religious procession or festival takes over most of Indian streets every week. If actions are to be taken, it has to be taken against all such religious acts, that too as per statutes by law enforcement agencies and not by communal vigilantes. In many urban areas, Muslims are compelled to pray on way sides, because successive governments not only rejected their requests to build new mosques, but even prevented them from repairing the dilapidated ones. The meeting urged the central and state governments to remove unnecessary restrictions in the construction of mosques and help the urban Muslims communities to find a viable solution to the problem of adequate places for Friday prayers.

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