Popular Front expresses solidarity with Gaza against Israeli airstrikes

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker has expressed his solidarity with the people of Gaza against the Israeli airstrikes.
It is deeply saddening and outraging that yet another air campaign launched by Israel has killed dozens of civilians including a pregnant woman and her fourteen-month-old niece and injured several others. The sporadic attacks and siege is part of the ongoing genocide of people of Gaza, one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The world watched when the Israeli attacks in the past years staring from 2006 took thousands of lives and left several thousand permanently disabled. It is to be noted that Gazan people are already being strangulated by the deadly and inhuman siege imposed by Israel in 2006 which prevents inflow of basic necessities like food, medicine and fuel. The siege has literally made the strip world’s largest open jail. Though an Egyptian brokered ceasefire deal has been reached between Israel and Palestinian factions, situation remains uncertain. However, mere ceasefire is far from a relief to Gazans, it is the immediate end of the siege and the ongoing illegal settlement that is going to lead to a lasting solution.
Popular Front called upon the UN Security Council and the world leaders to take urgent steps to get the siege on Gaza lifted.