Extremists in India are mostly Hindus, not Muslim

Are most terrorists in India Muslims?

I had the chance to look at this proverb that ” All people caught for terrorism are Muslims”. But are Muslims responsible for most of the terrorism in India? Let’s look at the data. The South Asian Terrorism Portal lists fatalities and incidents across India. Quite helpfully, find the truth behind the pictures

In 2011, there were 1073 deaths from terrorism (or extremism, whatever name one wants to use for it) in India, Of these, the most (602) Left-wing extremism, by a group of people called Maoist violence claimed lives, the North East 246, and Kashmir plus Islamist violence outside the state toll stood at 225.

In 2012, we had a similar situation: Maoists (367), followed by the North East (326), followed by Kashmir (117). The total number of victims of Islamist terrorism outside these three areas, across India, was 1.

In 2013, the figure was most for Maoists (421), the second most for the North East (252), and the Kashmir plus Islamist violence outside the state again came third (206).

In 2014, there were 976 deaths from terrorism in India. Of these, the most (465) came in the North East. The second most (314) came from Maoists. Deaths in Jammu & Kashmir, assuming we want to attribute the whole lot to terrorism, stood at 193.

Outside of these conflict theatres, Islamist extremism claimed four lives. This year, again the sequence is the same, though violence levels across India have dropped, as they have been doing for the past decade.

As is obvious, most terrorists in India are Hindus, the ones whom we have conveniently labelled “Maoist” instead of “Hindu”. The second largest group of terrorists are the tribals, Hindus, animists and perhaps some Christians of the North East. Muslims are third. If one looks outside the separatism of Kashmir, their violence and terrorism levels are among the lowest in the world and they appear to be less susceptible to terrorism not just by the standards of the world’s Muslims but also India’s Hindus.

So what explains data which we must confessed ones hear all the time in India? we cannot remember the number of times that “all Muslims are not terrorists but why are all terrorists Muslims?” They are not.

The reason is that ‘terrorism’ is today accepted only that which is Islamist. And the reason for this is the narrative in the media, which has neatly conflated terrorism with Islam. News channels run many more programmes firing middle class and Anglicised Indians up against ‘terrorism’ (i.e. Islamist) than they run shows on the North East and on Maoism, which claim a far greater number of lives as the figures show.

It is of course unfortunate that this should be the case, but we can explain away the common man using such arguments. The members of this government are deliberately chose such unhinged people because they said what they wanted, they agreed with every words they said and that is why they were rewarded.

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