Popular Front appeals to defeat communal forces and to vote for alternative politics

New Delhi 24-March-2014 : This upcoming general elections has indeed brought the country to a cross roads. The twice elected UPA government has failed to live up to the expectations of the people. Right from the beginning of the second term it was paralyzed by scams from which it could never recover. This failure of UPA has indeed created an anti-incumbency wave throughout the country. Unfortunately, the very forces that are trying to gain power through these failures of UPA pose a more serious threat to the very foundations of the nation.

The communal-fascist forces backed by RSS are projecting Narendra Modi as the only savior before the country. Sangh Parivar has put in all its resources to bring BJP led NDA to power. Narendra Modi will only push the country towards authoritarianism and destruction. The illusions of development projected through an extensive media campaign should not make us blind. The economic policies of NDA are not different than UPA and the suffering of marginalized sections will only continue. BJP policies are not just anti-Muslim, a closer look into their ideology and methodology will prove that they are indeed a serious threat to the democratic set up of our country. Popular Front of India appeals to all the citizens of the country to exercise their democratic right wisely and defeat the evil designs of parties like BJP.

It is also a very serious concern that the country lacks any viable and sincere third front. For a democratic country like India power struggle between only two parties is not a good sign. The regional parties lack core ideology and their commitment to secularism is suspicious. Considering the past experience it must be understood that these regional parties cannot be trusted. The country has also seen emergence of parties which claim to be the alternate. It must be understood that only a single-point agenda of anti-corruption will be not be sufficient to tackle the various challenges before the country. Alternate political parties should have a very clear stand regarding all the different issues and challenges before the country.

This is where the Social Democratic Party of India differs from other parties. SDPI has detailed the core issues of the marginalized sections of the society who are voiceless when compared to the urban population. These are the majority population of our country who were continuously ignored since past 6 decades by all the successive governments. Popular Front fully endorses the alternate developmental model promoted by SDPI. Popular Front urges its members, supporters and well wishers to support and promote SDPI in the upcoming election and strengthen an alternate governance model. Finally we would like to again urge to all the citizens of our country to utilize their voting power to defeat communal parities and bring to power parties which are committed to protect secularism and diversity.

The National Executive Council Meeting held at Calicut was presided over by chairman K M Shareef, OMA Salam, Prof. P Koya, Moahammed Ali Jinnah, Ilyas Mohammed, Ashraf Moulavi Karamana, A S Isamil, and Wahid Sait also addressed the meeting.

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