Chhattisgarh government creates communal divide among government servants: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India chairman K M Shareef has stated that Chhattisgarh government orders that allowed government servants to associate with RSS programmes would lead to direct RSS control over them. Everyone knows RSS claim that it is a social movement is absurd. Moreover not only that RSS is not inclusive of different religious communities, it holds an ideology of hatred against minorities.
Undeniably, RSS has been plying major role in Indian politics and the present ruling party BJP is the direct political wing of RSS. So the government explanation that since RSS is not a political party the rule does not apply to RSS is baseless. The government decision which serves only its servants belonging to one particular religious denomination will deepen the communal bias that is already prevalent in government services. K M Shareef demanded immediate withdrawal of the decision in order to maintain government administration and bureaucracy free from communal divide.

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