Fuel price hike another instance of anti-people moves: Popular Front

Popular Front Chairman KM Shareef has in his statement said that the latest oil price hikes in the euphoric atmosphere of 2015 Budget is another example of ant-people moves of NDA government. The decision came immediately after the budget was presented. Petrol price was hiked by Rs 3.18 per litre and diesel by Rs 3.09, the second increase in rates this month.

Minor occasional fluctuations aside, international oil prices have remained record low since last seven months. Considering that there is no corresponding cut in oil prices in India, government does not have the moral right to blame international prices for the current hikes. At the same time government has given the price-control to private companies.

All these proves that, Government policies, day by day, are turning more and more anti-people and pro-rich. It is notable that the budget which benefits the corporates by cutting taxes has sidelined the poor and minorities with its disregard for the food security and minority schemes. Popular Front urged people and political parties to create a broad based alliance against the anti-people policies of NDA government.

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