Community Leaders demand withdrawal of Popular Front ban in Jharkhand

As the BJP government in Jharkhand is proceeding with raiding the houses and registering false cases following the official release announcing the ban of Popular Front activists, a group of community leaders and scholars in a statement have termed the ban undemocratic and demanded its withdrawal.

The signatories of the statement include Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan (Chairman, Delhi State Minorities Commission), Adv. Zafaryab Jeelani (Secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board), Syed Mustafa Rifai (Asst Sec General, All India Milli Council), Mufti Arif A Mehkri (Chairman, Waqf Board, Mysore), Maulana Dr. Yaseen Ali Usmani (Vice President, All India Milli Council), Muhammed Naseem (Principal, Madrasa-e- Ashraful Uloom, Mysore), Muhammad Saeed Asad Qasmi (Asansol, West Bengal),and many others . The statement said that they strongly opposed the ban by Jharkhand government as it scoffs at the laws of the land and opens doors to the violation of fundamental rights respected by the constitution. They said: “We understand that Popular Front of India is a neo-social movement actively involved in developmental work and comprehensive empowerment of the poor and the downtrodden, especially Muslims.”

They alleged that the Hindutva government of Jharkhand and its Police have been unhappy with the activists of Popular Front for highlighting the multiple lynching cases in the state. The ban is a ploy used by the government to intimidate people and suppress democratic forms of protest and dissent. They also requested the human right groups, political parties and minority organization to rally up for lifting the ban of Popular Front of India.

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