Ban in Jharkhand an attempt to eliminate anti-fascist activism: Popular Front of India

A resolution passed by the Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India held at Mysore stated that the ban imposed on the organization by the BJP Government of Jharkhand is intented to eliminate the kind of activism the organization has demonstrated in the state through legal and democratic means against the fascist forces and their government agencies.
Ever since the declaration of the organization in the state in 2015, our members have stood in the forefront of fight against human rights violations such as hate speeches, lynching incidents and police atrocities. When the ban was imposed, the organization was fighting dozens of cases including the six lynching incidents and two cases against police atrocities, one against SP of Pakur and the other against SP of Jhamtara. By enabling victims to fight by democratic and legal means, Popular Front was building confidence among the victims and the weaker sections and was also setting a new example for the fight for justice. It is because of this reason that Popular Front is targeted in Jharkhand. Finding our organisation an obstacle in courts, their calculation is to destroy the cases by eliminating the very petitioners. The meeting warned that such moves will only endanger our justice delivery system, the last hope of the victims. The Jharkhand government is, in fact, trying to overthrow the judiciary through indirect means by the misuse of CLA Act, 1908.
The meeting expressed concern over the reports that false cases are being slapped in the name of continuing the activities after the ban against innocent people.
The meeting of Central Secretariat reaffirmed that, the activities of the organisation being stopped in the state; we will resort to legal recourse as per provisions of the constitution and law for the removal of the ban.
Seeks withdrawal of controversial statement of Army Chief
Another resolution passed by the Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front took serious notice of the political remarks made by the Chief of Army Vipin Rawat expressing concern over the growth of Assamese political party AIUDF. It is highly objectionable and unbecoming of his position and gives a wrong signal about the role of the army. There is nothing to worry for an army chief about a democratically functioning political party. We have watched in the past, when democracy was being destroyed in our neighbouring countries by interference of the army in politics, we took pride in the strength of our democracy and integrity of our army by keeping a line of control between them. Though it might please present government and the forces behind it, he has actually set a dangerous precedent for the army to interfere in politics. The meeting demanded the withdrawal of the controversial statement.
Chairman E. Abubacker presided over the meeting, which was also attended by General Secretary Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Vice Chairman O.M.A Salam Secretaries Anis Ahmed and Abdul Wahid Sait, E.M. Abdul Rahiman and K.M. Shareef.

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