Enemies of rationality and enlightenment behind the assassination of Govind Pansare: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front General Secretary Muhammed Ali Jinnah in his statement strongly condemned the brutal assassination of veteran social reformist and communist leader in Maharashtra Govind Pansare. We are deeply concerned that this is not the first incident of the sort in the state. We have not yet recovered from the shock of the 2013 assassination of another leader Narendra Dabholkar who spent most of his life fighting superstitions and spiritual exploitation prevalent in Indian society.

The only crime they committed seems to be trying to educate common people. So, if these two men of integrity have posed any threat to any one, it is to those forces whose economical or political survival depends only on keeping the masses uniformed and superstitious. No wonder why, they feel threatened by the voices of rationality and enlightenment. When Shivaji was projected as an icon against Muslims, it was Pansare who demystified the lie about Maharaja Shivaji through his book “Shivaji Kaun Hotha”, which highlights that the Maharaja was looking beyond religions and worked for the upliftment of the poor. Pansare also condemned the Hindutva’s move to glorify Godse and even campaigned against it. That they both had earlier received death threats from Hindutvawadis suggests who behind the assassinations are, said Jinnah.

Popular Front on this occasion renews its fight against superstitions and spiritual exploitation while expressing its condolence to the family of Govind Pansare and offering all possible support to their fight. We also demand the state government to provide adequate protection to the lives of all social reformists who are under the threat from the forces of darkness. We demand CBI inquiry to investigate and expose the criminals behind both assassinations.

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