Popular Front conducts Gulbarga Protest March against Police Brutality

Gulbarga Huge Rally By Popular Front and other Muslim organisations in Gulbarga against the police brutality . Heavy Police deployed for discouraging the members of different organisations , barricades were put up to stop people from attending the rally, but the people kept coming in and with the number of people swelling ,police then stopped the people at Hafth Gumbad itself.

When that didn’t work Gulbarga DC Ujwal Kumar Ghosh had to come to the protest ground to pacify the protesters, this is first time the District administrative head had to come down to meet the protesters . Seeing this the protesters accepted his assurance of action within 5 days.

Popular Front State Treasurer Farooqurrahman speaking at the occasion said “We are Popular front and we are not threatened by such tactics, In India, Laws are same for all, whether it is a common citizen or legislators or bureaucrats or even President of India. When police personal take the law in their hands and act against the constitution even they need to be dealt with same yard stick. We are against those power drunk officers who think they are above the law and we are not rallying against the whole department.”

He also added that “If the Gulbarga administration does not act immediately and does not take strict action against the above police personnel, then more aggressive protests will be followed across the state. We have given police 15 days time if not we will take this protest a mark higher and show the police that in democracy People come first”.

Shahid Naseer of SDPI who himself was subjected to the brutality by the police along with Md Mohsin, thanked the people of Gulbarga on standing in unison with them. He said that seeing the people come out and defy police bravely means that the errant police officers have failed in their attempt to create a fear psychosis in the Muslim youth”

Adv Syed Mazhar of Gulbarga Muslim welfare Asscociation spoke at the occasion said that ” Entire Gulbarga is Standing against this crime against humanity and Muslim community, if our leaders are treated this way what will common man feel? we will stand with popular front and see to it that Justice is done”

Adv Wahaj Baba of MIM lauded the show of Unity by Muslim community and said “this is a great sign, we have joined hands against a crime and we have to stand together firm and strong against these errant officers who treat us differently based upon our religion. This is not just Mohsins issue but issue of whole Gulbarga and we have to rally around every such victim only them it will stop”

Habeeb Sarmast of JDS and Majlis e Tipu Sultan said at the occasion” Entire Muslim leadership is represented here, police must take notice or this will snowball into something that they cannot handle ”

Riyaz Firangipete, Abdul Raheem Patel SDPI , Corporators Rafiuddin Baag, Raheem Mulla, Rizwan Ur Rahman Siddiqui, Minhaj Mahedi, Maulana Javeed Alam, Syed Yaseen Youth Congress, Md Yusuf GYBDC , Md Mubeen WPI , Ayaan Akbar Umeed NGO. Sangtrashwadi youth, Campus Front , Tameer Millat , Majlis Tipu Sultan , Karvan e tipu Sultan, Bahemani welfare association and many many other organisations.
BSP which had its press conference on the same day , began their press conference condemning the Gulbarga Police and declared that it would submit a memorandum from its side too.

Later On Instructions of Dr Alhaj Qamar ul Islam Sahab MLA Gulbarga North and Former Minister Karnataka, A delegation under the leadership of Markazi seerat committee Vice President Dr Mohammed Asghar Chulbul ex chairman KUDA met SP Gulbarga Shri Shashikumar at his office and demanded immediate suspension of police officer and staff who had beaten Md Mohsin, Shahid Naseer and other muslim youths.

He was accompanied by Mayor Syed Ahmed,Adil Suleman Sait Member KSMC, Abdul Qadeer Chonge Ex Chairman,Ex Dy mayor Shaik Hussain,Ex Chairmans Lal ahmed,Abdul Azeem Golkondi,Samad kammu,Aslam baje, Shaik Hussain, Shafi hundekar,Imtiyaz Siddiqui,Rafiuddin bagh, Health chairman Hulgeppa kanakgeri,Mirza Fayaz Baig,Syed Ruknudd pasha,Yunus ali,shaik Siraj, Raheem Mullan,Afzaal Mehmood,Shabbir Ahmed,Syed Rasheed,Baba Muttimud,Md Ali, Asif Hussain and others were present. SP assured the delegation that within two days he will take the legal action.

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