Popular Front Day Celebrated at Goa

Popular Front of India-Goa celebrated their 10th Anniversary on 17-2-2017 with a Public Programme at Alpha Corner open space, Chandravaddo, Fatorda – Goa.

Welcoming the Dignitaries on the dais & the People present, Popular Front of India-Goa President Mr. Sayed Iftiyaz spoke on the importance of Popular Front Day, it was 10 years back in the “Empower India Conference” in Bangalore that Popular Front was declared open with a Slogan “Naya Caravan, Naya Hindustan”. He spoke of Popular Front’s different activities carried out in Goa. He said that, Popular Front is a mass movement working for the empowerment of Minorities & Marginalised section of the Society in India & will continue the good work till the Mission is achieved.

The Chief Guest & key note speaker, Mr. Sadique Qureshi spoke of Hindutva forces who are working overtime to realize their goal of Hindu Nation. He said that, Sangh Parivaar cadres spell venom against the minority communities & stage manage Genocides to suppress them. He further added, Damodar Vinayak Savarkar was the main conspirator who compromised with the British forces, assuring them that the upper caste is not against British & they were common Indians who fought for the Freedom of the country. He finally ended the speech by saying that, Konkan is the birth place of Sang Parivaar & they did not do any Genocidal activities in this region but, they have now hatched a plan to attack Minorities who are well off as he called upon the people to be vigilant by keeping an eye on their activities.

Speaking on the occasion, State Committee Member of Popular Front-Goa, Mr. Shaikh Muzaffar electrified the whole atmosphere. He called upon the opposer’s of the Popular Front activities to come to the grassroot level & work for the less fortunate people who look with hope to Popular Front. He said, Popular Front collects funds from the People to meet the aspirations of the poor & marginalized section of the society & to satisfy their personal needs. We are not here as a Religious group but, we are working with all the Religious groups, he added. He cautioned about the divisive policies of the Sangh Parivaar & not to fall prey to their evil designs. We are here to build ‘India of Equal Rights’ to all, he concluded. Mr. Ameen Mulla(Gen. Secretary) proposed the Vote of thanks & Mr. Zia Rikarty compered the Programme.
The Dignitaries on the dais were, Mufti Hanif Ahrar(Gen. Secretary, All India Imams Council) & Popular Front Goa’s executive committee members- Mr. Shaikh Abdul Rauf, Mr. Sadiq Mulla (Secretary), Mr. Ashpak Rikarty(Treasurer).

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