Hadgaon – Un biased investigation and arrest the culprits. Demanded by Popular front of India and Social Democratic party of India

Feb 14 : Since the BJP government came in power at centre communal riots and hate speeches against the minority were on the high that sits the entire nation on flares, resulting communal incidents were increased. This indorsed the fears and insecurity among the minority throughout the nation.

Recently in Hadgaon at Nanded dist. Some facist mind people upload the derogatory message against the Prophet (pbuh) and Islam. As soon as the message went viral people from minority community went to the police station and informed the incident and asked them to look in the matter. When they came back the fascist minded people took out the street and started pelting stones, beaten them, attacking the shops, and starts looting.

The police intervene the riots, they started with the biased mindset to harass the minority community. They broke the houses of minority community at mid night without the legal procedure in the name of law and order.

This lead the Popular front of India and Social Democratic party of India (SDPI) Maharashtra chapter to intervene and the delegation of Popular Front and SDPI jointly visit the Hadgaon and met the locals, find out the actual situations on the grounds.

Peoples informing about the biased role played by the police under the Assistant Police Inspector and they were afraid of more arrest of our people in coming days. They attacked on the day of Bazar which hinted the incident is pre planned, said by the local trader. 2 nos pan shop and 1no cutlery shop were worst affected among them.

Mohammed Mahfooz the owner of cutlery shop sadly informed that he lost all the money approx. 3 lakhs, which is total earning of entire life. When the delegation asked him about the police complaints, his answer were not surprising the delegation because in this type of incidents police were refused to lodge an FIR.

The delegation headed to the police station with locals to meet the PI and enquire about the measures he took to cool down the situations. PI gives the details that he took to cool down the situation. The delegation convey their concerns and asked the department to investigate the matter un biased and without consideration of cast and religion, do not arrest the innocent.

The delegation insists the department for lodging an FIR those who vandalized the shops and involved in looting and arrest them as soon as possible. When the delegation intervene with police department starts to register of an FIR. The delegation makes clear to the department that in past they took legal action against the police elsewhere in the state if they were not abiding law and acting biased with one community.

PI assures the delegation that he will take care of no innocents will be punished. We have videos of the riots and we will take action accordingly.

Local people thanks and appreciate the quick response of the Popular front and SDPI in this critical time and assures that they will inform and cooperate them any un towards incidents in future.

Members of the delegation are Mohd Abid Ali general secretary of Popular front of India Maharastra chapter, Aijaz Ahmed nanded dist. President and Irshad Ahmed Basharat nanded dist. General Secretary of SDPI Maharashtra chapter, Meraj Ansari SWC member of Popular front of India, Ibrahim khan nanded dist secretary of Popular front of India, Ahmer Nadeem nanded dist. Secretary of SDPI, along with local leader and members.

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