The struggle for justice will continue: Popular Front

Chennai: Popular Front of India is a neo-social movement that strives for the welfare of the oppressed and the minorities. It had been decided to celebrate February 17 as Popular Front Day and for the past three years the day is celebrated all over the nation.

This year we highlighted the slogan ‘United for Democracy’. This was to focus that the responsibilities and steadfastness of all the people are required to uphold the democratic values. Our aim is to unite the people against the fascist forces that work against the basic democratic values and the swindling of national resources by the corporate in the name of development.

On this day flag hoisting, public welfare programs, sports, medical camps, public meetings and rallies are conducted all over the State. As part of the celebration permission was requested to the police department before a month, to conduct the rally ‘Unity March’ and public meeting at Chennai and Dindugal. The police department denied permission for the rally and public meeting at the eleventh hour citing some flimsy reasons.

At this stage, we approached the Chennai High Court requesting for permission. The case was posted before Justice Sivagnanam. The police submitted false information in the court. We submitted the information and facts from our side. But still, the case was dismissed by the court. The denial of permission to the celebrations and demonstrations that are in accordance with the laws will diminish the people’s faith in democracy. Such anti-people attitude of the police shows the autocratic style of their functioning.

Popular Front of India has faced such situations earlier too. Popular Front hopes to get justice through legal fight and mass demonstrations. In view of the current situation, we have cancelled the rallies and public meetings planned at Chennai and Dindugal. We assure that such programs will be conducted with due permission from the Court. Our struggle for justice will continue.


M. Mohamed Sheik Ansari

State General Secretary

Popular Front of India

Tamil Nadu

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