Stop targeting Muslim community in the name of countering terrorism: Popular Front

In the context of the recent arrests of Muslim youth alleging links with ISIS, Popular Front of India chairman K M Shareef has stated that the government agencies are misusing ISIS threat as the new tool to harass innocent Muslims.

He said that the community has already suffered a lot due to such police witch-hunts in the past. They all had justification in the name of one terrorist organization or other when they went on arresting innocent youths and killing some of them in fake encounters. Hundreds of innocent youths thus put behind the bars were later acquitted by courts. By then they had lost considerable part of their lives in various jails. And the entire community was demonised and kept under suspicion.

The recent incidents show that the same agenda is repeated with a new name replacing the old names. Not long ago, Union Home Minister made it clear that Indian Muslims had not been part of any foreign terrorist organization. Also it is evident that no Muslim organisation in India has supported ISIS or the likes. Yet arbitrary arrests and demonization are being carried out in the name of ISIS. As usual Muslim youth are booked under draconian provisions like UAPA.

K M Shareef has urged the authorities to ensure that counter-terrorism operations are strictly based on evidences and not to be miscarried by political and communal motives.

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