Mohan Bhagwat projects RSS above India: E. Abubacker

Popular Front of India chairman E. Abubacker stated that for RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, his organisation is above Indian nation. He was responding to the controversial speech of Mohan Bhagwat claiming RSS as more efficient than Indian army. Mohan Bhagwat while addressing an RSS meeting in Bihar had said that while 6 months are needed for Indian army to get ready for war, for RSS it takes merely 3 days. E Abubacker told that these words were not casual, but reflection of the real RSS mindset. RSS thoughts and act during the period of freedom struggle and after independence are enough proof that their communal and divisive agenda was dear to them than the survival and flourishing of the nation.
In fact, Mohan Bhagwat, more than eulogising his organisation, insulted the military which is guarding our nation from enemies. But the irony is that while the army fights against external enemies, RSS fights against our own citizens; their marked internal enemies such as dalits, religious minorities and secularists.
Though any patriotic Indian citizen cannot subscribe to the ideology and approach of RSS, there is a single point in the speech of Mohan Bhagwat of which we may desperately await implementation by them. He had boasted that RSS which is having discipline like military is ready to fight enemies on borders if required. E. Abubacker wished that the nation could witness Swayamsevaks being deployed on our borders immediately, since it is the most required time as our soldiers are being killed daily on the borders under the Modi government.

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