Delhi Assembly Election results a slap on the face of anti-people, communal politics

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Secretary Abdul Wahid Sait has stated that the results of Delhi state assembly election was a slap on the face of the anti-people and communal politics of BJP.

As much as the Aam Admi Party’s victory, Delhi assembly election results were also people’s rejection of Sangh Parivar’s malicious politics and propaganda. Despite being at the Centre for the past 6 years, BJP had little to convince people by way of development or improving basic living standards of the people. The candidates and campaigners of the party in the capital city relied on and solely focused their campaign on dividing people along communal lines. They often resorted to provocations for violence against the Muslim community. The capital city witnessed brutal police raj and thuggery of the Sangh Parivar goons in the past weeks. Delhi police under the command of the central government treated the students like enemies and subjected them to brutal torture merely for using their democratic right to protest in a peaceful way.

The name of Popular Front was unnecessarily dragged as an election issue by BJP with the support of paid, biased media. They portrayed the organization in bad light as the “mastermind of violence”. Those parties opposed to BJP were then accused of having “unholy links” it in an attempt to bury the real issues and creat communal polarisation to their favour. Abdul Wahid Sait has congratulated the Delhi voters for having shown the real civic sense and political maturity by throwing away all such malicious tools into dust bin.

As an assembly election that comes after the popular uprising against CAA, NPR and NRC across the country, the result should also be read as people’s displeasure with those divisive moves. By defeating the BJP on such a massive scale, the people of Delhi have sent a clear message that they are not with this violent and polarising anti-people politics. Earlier People of Jharkhand too have given the same signal. Abdul Wahid Sait said, Popular Front would like to warn RSS-BJP that the people of India has lost faith in their governance and the Delhi election results would get repeated throughout the country in future.